50 Bargain Amazon Games Over 50% Off

Times are tough and what better way to grab a bargain from these 50 games from Amazon that are at least 50% off.

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solidsnake2222636d ago

Not a bad deal for RE4 on the Wii, under $10 with free standard shipping. Other than that I don't see much though.

showtimefolks2635d ago

overall the last few months we have not had a good deal

gamefly used has some great deals

2 worlds 2 is 17.99
fable 3 is 12.99
killzone 2 is 20

hoping for better deals next week on 6th there are some great games coming out hoping for a buy 2 get one free deal

ReservoirDog3162636d ago

Anyone think Brutal Legend is worth $10?

Brownghost2636d ago

yes its SUUUUUUUUUUCH an underrated game

dgonza402636d ago

If you like badass music, a good story with some comedy thrown in, and a good time, then yes.

I agree with brownghost though, Brutal legend is a gem.

The cutscene where they used mr. crowley is epic..
dont look up that scene though because its a huge spoiler xD

Getowned2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I don't know if i feel it's underrated i loved the music but the game is actually very forgetable for the most part but for 10$ i would say it's worth it but i don't think it's really that replayable.

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Farsendor12636d ago

the deals that stand out for me even though i wont buy console games

ps3 little big planet

360 ultimate alliance + forza 2

wii nothing

pc bioshock 2

the other pc games other than spiderman have seen on steam cheaper than what amazon have these priced at

skyblue142132636d ago

It is too bad that the few games that I seen on that list that look like good deals I already own.

Brownghost2636d ago

yah pretty much everything here i can get cheaper

Hozi892635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

PC Gamers actually buy their games?

LBP and Bioshock 2 seems like good deals.

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