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Open Emotion Studio's Announce PSVita Exclusive

Bone-idle.ie writes "Announced Today from the show floor at GDC by CEO Paddy Murphy is the news we have been waiting for. Open Emotion studio’s are making the big step up from the Mini’s market and are going to release their first Vita exclusive title" (Mad Blocker Adventure, PS Vita, PS3)

Stealth2k  +   1474d ago
great more minis..................

I hope people realize most of the stuff announced as been confirmed DD only so that more or less means mini
Parapraxis  +   1474d ago
Where are you getting that info?

All games will be available on the store (Sony stated this), but this is the first I heard about most titles being DD-only.
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Stealth2k  +   1474d ago
gravity rush, little deviants are confirmed dd only
Parapraxis  +   1474d ago
That's 2 titles.
I'd hardly call that "most"
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Ultr  +   1474d ago
really gravity rush dd only? didnt hear about that, not that I would care, its just I like it more to buy my games at the stores (ordering online)
anyway I can live with that, I just need a big memory card :)
bubs78  +   1473d ago
Its not a mini its got 60 levels, high def graphics, online co-op !!
blackburn10  +   1474d ago
Nice an upgrade to Mad Blockers on the VITA. Keep up the quirky titles Sony.@ Stealth2k read the article. It's not just a mini. It a upgraded HD improved version of Mad Blockers with co-op and online multiplayer
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