Alpha Project Mod for Battlefield 2 Out Now

A new mod has been released for Battlefield 2, entitled the 'Alpha Project' mod, this aims to bring back features that were dropped from the Alpha version of Battlefield 2. It is now available.

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Best2270d ago

Mods? I think I'll stick with my clean MW3.

TheDarkness2270d ago

I dont think Shit can be cleaned

Chris Evans2270d ago

Do you not realise that mods are where some of the best innovation comes from? Counter-Strike started life as a mod, Dear Esther was a mod, so many great things come from the modding scene. I think it is great to see BF2 still getting mods released. What happened to the mods for the original CoD titles? Did they not improve and add to the games?

Shackdaddy8362270d ago

He's trolling. Don't take it serious.

sovietsoldier2269d ago

what about the 50 cal Barret that had a bug and was never used?