Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action dated for Europe

Microsoft have announced that Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action will be exclusively launched on the Xbox 360 in Europe on November 16th...

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Cartesian3D3364d ago

I think I saw sth like that somewhere else! ... another innovation

riqued3364d ago

I saw one similar to this one too...

predator3364d ago

ill be checkinh this out, could be a real good party/family game.

Zhuk3364d ago

i cant wait for this, its great to see Microsoft expanding its lineup

occamsrazor3364d ago

Let's see...What's next? Maybe a karaoke game with different coloured microphones? Singbox anyone?

binard3283364d ago

Scene It! has been around for a long time. It's just not using DVD's and boardgame pieces. The only thing that is similar is the controller. For crying out loud!

occamsrazor3364d ago

My comment is dumb? How dare you! The entire premise of the game is the controllers! Without the controllers there's no game. If you're saying that this isn't a rip off, then not only are you ignorant, but you're also a bloody liar. Buzz announced a movie quiz almost two years ago; it was announced with the introduction of the original Buzz as a matter of fact. In addition, I know exactly what "Scene It" is, thank you very much. Unlike you I wasn't born yesterday. For crying out aloud!!! (See I can do it too!) Have you played Buzz? I assume not. And "DVD's" indicates possession. It's "DVDs". Moron.

tomfoolery3363d ago

My family and I play it every chance we can.
The controllers work perfectly.
And to think I was skeptical,nice one MS.