IGN - History Says the 3DS is Doomed

With the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS getting a price drop, Nintendo hopes to turn around the lackluster sales of the handheld and get back on track. There's just one problem: That has never worked for Nintendo

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MakiManPR2609d ago

Yeah the 3DS isn't bad itself but the really bad launch line-up, the so high price killed it and the lack of good games(remakes doesn't count). It will die sooner than later. It wont have the same success that the DS had.

handheldwars22609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

It could still sell as much as PSP in terms of lifetime sales if quality software support is continued, which is great.

longcat2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Nintendo overpriced their 3DS to take advantage of early adopters and fans.

Now that that is over, they have resumed a normal price point and feigned apologies to their loyal fans.

All this doom and gloom rubbish is unnecessary. Its just some capitalism people

Micro_Sony2609d ago

Like I said in my previous comment - The main reason the DSI sold so well was because of pirates and the R4 card.

The only thing that can save the DSI is a price drop to $100 and if Nintendo Kills the DSI completely. I am perfectly fine with my DSI and dont see any reason to switch.

Misterhbk2609d ago


Did they also overprice it so that they could force their executives to take pay cuts? So they could lose money?

when you choose to take advantage of someone its usually so that you can profit somehow. Obviously losing over 300 million is the exact opposite of that. I'm not saying Nintendo is doomed in any way, but to say that they wanted to do this is just as stupid as saying they're doomed.

longcat2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )


Nintendo saw the opportunity to maximize their profits based on their previous success and the reception the 3DS received.

They did not expect the console to fall this flat so soon after launch.

there is nothing wrong with what they did, but i think they overestimated the public exuberance for their product. They made some other mistakes as well, including software lineup and not differentiating the 3DS from the DS adequately

Salary cuts are to appease investors. If they get back on a high...then salaries go up again.

NukaCola2609d ago

The drop waws too high. It may boost the 3DS sales for a moment, but the sofware is still weak and this new price is murder to the rest of the DS models prior.

lil Titan2609d ago Show
Livin_in_a_box2609d ago

IGN is owned by FOX which is owned by News International which is indeed owned by Rupert Murdoch.

But I don't personally think the price cut is going to entice a huge wave of people to buy the 3DS. I know it won't entice me to rush out and buy one because there still isn't a great software lineup to warrant the purchase, and that's what I think Nintendo need to sort out. Rather than cutting the price, they need to get the good games out there and stop remaking old games that most Nintendo fans will have already played to death without adding new, exciting features or big graphical overhauls (even though that isn't really possible with the 3DS with its limited resources, compared to Vita anyway).

What I think it's main problem is is that too many people see it as just another DS but with 3D, and that's just not enough to warrant a new (successful) console. I can see another iteration of the 3DS coming in May 2012, but whether that will get the sales that Nintendo are desperate for- who knows. Hey, maybe Nintendo had this price cut planned since before it was released. And anyone who claims that Nintendo will now be taking a loss from the new price is most likely incorrect; they were manufacturing the units at $100 each when it released and I doubt that figure is just going to mysteriously increase as the handheld gets older.

HardCover2609d ago

I don't quite see why people think Nintendo planned this out.

It's pretty clear to me that they simply don't want to fall flat on their face once the Vita comes out. Sony packed a LOT into the $250 price tag, and all the 3DS did at that price was one small gimmick. Unless Nintendo knew Sony was going to choose $250 and whatnot, then it's not even up for discussion.

And why would Sony let Nintendo know any of that? They wouldn't. Nintendo is simply trying to pick up the pieces before the entire sky falls. People thinking it's nothing but greed are just oblivious to the fact that businesses are NOT INFALLIBLE.

But yes, Nintendo is trying to make money right now. That should be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt. But to think this is all one giant marketing gimmick + exploitation.... that's silly.

lil Titan2608d ago

wow didnt know its "trolling" when what im saying is true

miyamoto2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

So many similarities on what is happening with the PS Vita versus the 3DS.

Nintendo was forced to launch first like Dreamcast with not so stellar hardware technology & no killer app in its line up. With a killer PlayStation machine looming on the horizon.
Its so unlike the SNES which was the more powerful machine than the Genesis & had Super Mario World as a killer app launch bundle.

I thought they learned their lesson with the SNES and the Wii.

With Nintendo's traditional approach & conservative attitude there is no doubt in my mind the same fate that happened to the N64 & Gamecube will befall the Wii U.


I also don't like & understand how Nintendo abandon their casual but loyal DS fan base for the mature games. Nintendo popularized the casual games craze bandwagon of 2008 that Apple,Google,Microsoft, etc, are now making huge cashing ins.

If any company should be making even more profit on casual games it should be Nintendo by now. What a wasted opportunity. They should have stuck to their guns.

And with the pricing didn't they learn from the Sega Saturn & PS3?

Sub4Dis2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

none of you mentioned the real problem. so much speculation about prices and's silly.

the reason is because they went for the gimmick that is 3d instead of upping the graphics. and while 3d is an okay addon to ps3 (cuz you didn't have to buy a new system to get it), it's not something people are going to go out of their way for just to play game remakes.

and the reason it likely will not pick up any steam is this:

by this time next year, cell phone graphics will be ahead of 3DS, have a better game library (and the games will be 3-10 dollars - not 40-50), and will have much better functionality. nintendo should have been smarter than this. i really don't know what they were thinking.

MoveTheGlow2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Juuuuuust wait until the holiday season is over. The main DS customers that need to get behind the 3DS aren't us. They're kids and casuals, and they don't think like us with all this "third-party support," "3D is a gimmick," etc. They think about the mascots, the names, whatever. If they don't flip over the lower price point and pretty strong first-party stuff at the end of the year, then we'll really talk.

miyamoto2608d ago

But will this flagship price cut enough to save the whole Nintendo company?

Anyone who believes that Nintendo will still make a profit on every 3DS sold needs to look at how Nintendo also cut its fiscal revenue & profit forecast by a whopping 80%!!! on top of huge salary cuts on all Nintendo executives.

Nintendo needs to act fast and save itself from a total melt down like what happened to Sega.

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TheSadTruth2609d ago

This article says N64 was $199 at launch, I remember paying $399...

sarshelyam2609d ago

You paid too much! That or you're a bit batty...either way, you remember incorrectly.

Micro_Sony2609d ago

`WTF you either got hosed or live in Australia.

LastDance2608d ago

Sounds like an Australian price mate ;)

jessupj2608d ago

lol, it's funny when people start recognising Australian prices.

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Amphion2609d ago

This is just a classic case of Nintendo being overconfident in their brand and their product. This is what happened to Sony and PS3 when they launched the system at $600 with terrible games and claimed that everyone will line up to buy it because it had the PlayStation name attached to it.

Nintendo can still work their way out of this is mess but it won't be easy. mobile devices will eat a huge portion of their market whether we like it or not. One thing I am sure of is that 3DS will never be as huge as the DS was, but that may not matter. It will be a niche gaming platform with some good games. Also expect the 3D aspect to improve dramatically with future iterations.

gamingdroid2608d ago

Which reminds me of what Ken Kutaragi (father of Playstation) said:

PS3 is “for consumers to think to themselves ‘I will work more hours to buy one’. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.”

Which reminds me of this when criticized:

“I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect’s blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It’s the same as that.”

Kamikaze1352609d ago

Sounds like the PS3..though that seems to be doing MUCH better than it was back then.

subtenko2609d ago

If this system really becomes the next dreamcast, I'll feel sorry for Nintendo and the people who bought it. This is never a good thing, I wish Nintendo would have thought this out more..

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

egidem2609d ago

!(Agree or Disagree if you Agree);

gustave1542608d ago

Wtf so i am forced to agree with you?

subtenko2608d ago

@gustave154, no, simply dont click either one ;)

I've already caught the disagree trolls with it already. Since people get disagree with what ever they say, I put that,lol. You could win a billion dollars and in all seriousness say your gonna share some with all of n4g, you'll have disagrees (even if you really did it)

on topic again, I hope you 3ds owners end up winning in the end and not have a discontinued handheld. Nobody likes wasted money (well, with the exception of some people out there I guess..sorta)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Sub4Dis2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

your reasoning for doing it (which is obvious and not at all clever) doesn't make it any less stupid.

and why would you feel bad for the early adopters? that's the risk you take when you're desperate to brag to your idiot friends about your new hardware. i don't feel bad for em, i just hope they learned a lesson (which i'm betting they didn't).

FaulkinPunch2608d ago

Wow, you clearly don't get it Sub4Dis.

btw subtenko, I 'disagreed' with you. xD


StbI9902608d ago

Dude your pull is cool, aint needed explain shit for it.

That is just a good result of being at n4g... best counter disagree ever.

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fullmetal2972608d ago

Don't count the 3DS out just yet. PS3 was in the same boat in 2006 and manages to still be in the competition to this date.

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yewles12609d ago

Didn't they say the same thing about the PS3? Just sayin'...

longcat2609d ago

Yep, No-one had ever had a successful $600 console before sony showed up.

JellyJelly2609d ago

It wasn't a success until they cut the price though.

CaptainMarvelQ82609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

30+ million consoles were already sold by the time slim was announced.How is that not a success?

longcat2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )


No-one ever had a successful console that LAUNCHED at $600.

Price drops did not save the others

Ducky2609d ago

Did anyone ever have a $600 console launch to begin with?

Micro_Sony2609d ago

PS3 did not fail but it did sell at a loss for a long time which only hurts the stock holders and not us gamers.

Kamikaze1352609d ago


3DO was $700
Neo Geo was $600 + $250 per game
PS3 was also $600 but $60 per game

JellyJelly2609d ago

@CaptainMarvelQ8 - It had several price cuts before the Slim was released.

I never said it wasn't a success, I said it wasn't a success at $600.

rambi802609d ago

Apple pippen was $600 as well

DARKrage342609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )


...more like when the games showed up.

Uncharted really got the ball rolling for the Playstation to sell well... plus the creative help of LBP and other dedicated devs who took time to 'understand' the cell processor allowed the system to rise outta the early struggle.

RIP lazy ass porters...

RedDead2609d ago

I wasn't touching the Ps3 at 630(euro's) I got 8-Gb for 400 with Mgs4 free

Mnemonic-DK2608d ago


The Commodore 64 ( launched at $595 back in 1982 - and it went on to become one of the most succesfull home computers of all time.

N4g_null2608d ago

Do you not remember the automatic price cut in japan before the thing even came out? The ps3 and the vita will suffer like all console if there are not games that people like or see as a value. Luckily the ps3 had blu ray. I'm not sure what the 3ds or vita has that warrants a buy with out games.

Plus the 3ds line up is still fighting the dsi line up. Also the first DS did horrible for like a year or two before the games came out. Also the studios canceling games are not really must have games. Capcom is a mess right now. EA has no in house talents in handheld gaming so that does matter.

All I know is Mario kart better be fun and Mario better be challenging. Don't like the way they are shaping up but kid icu is looking good.

gamingdroid2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I wouldn't that successful when you went from dominating the market with over 100 million consoles to a grinding halt.

Playstations saving grace was subsidizing early adopters of Blu-Ray players, since the PS3 was a whole $400-500 cheaper than a stand-alone player.

The other factor was, Sony came out of a user base with a 100+ million users (or so) of loyal customers.

That said, the product really wasn't expensive (clearly as they lost money on each unit and quite a bit), but the market had settled on $400 console price due to Xbox 360 that did more gaming related activity than the PS3 at the time.


Back then, a PC cost $3000 if not more easily (and not inflation adjusted) so a C64 at $600 was a bargain.

Mnemonic-DK2608d ago


$595 in 1982 is more than $1400 today but that just makes it all the more impressive that the C64 became popular!

And I know how expensive hardware was at the time - I remember paying $270 for a 3½" floppy drive and $1550 for a 10 mega-byte!!! harddrive for my Amiga 500 in 1988... ;)

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HaloSpartan2609d ago

uh ps3 did fail,it's last...

CGI-Quality2609d ago

Failed at what though? Going from first with the PS2 to last with the PS3 may be the most substantial problem it had (not to mention, costing Sony a fortune before and after release). However, it's providing such a solid line-up of games, "failure" really isn't the proper term.

user83971442609d ago

Yeah and its been outselling the 360 worldwide for quite a while.

Christopher2609d ago

So, the new definition of "failure" is not being #1?

Damn, they need to update that in the dictionary.

N4g_null2608d ago

Wow so is Sony shooting for 3rd and the title of selling better world wide yet always stay third? You know that doesn't even make sense. It's been 3-4 years of selling better world wide yet it hasn't past the horrible 360 that doesnt even have 1st party games any more lol.

I remember Sony saying they would be number one alOng with a laundry list of other hype inducing qoutes, like next gen doesn't start till Sony starts it lol. Well it's started and they are still not number one.

Maybe they are only out selling the 360 by 26,000? If so then that's going to take a while to break even a million.

Yet Sony fixed their problem with games. Which is the reason why we all play console instead of pcs. It's the games we want. Pure tech for the sake of it is not worth it to many. Which is why halo is ms crutch till Sony or gasp nintendo makes a better social shooter. Imagine a fps like brawl using all of their characters!

BIGBOSS082608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

360 fanboys are really gonna miss using this by the end of the year when ps3 dumps 360 to last place, whcih will make the 360 a total failure. last in sales and no exclusive games aswell with a year head start and even 16 months in some places. now thats REAL failure.

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user83971442609d ago

But at least PS3 had games to play like Fall of Man. Plus Sony didn't drop the price couple of months later. Nintendo was being greedy that's all.

Ethereal2609d ago

Yea, PS3 had a rough launch but Sony has pulled it from under the rug. I am sorry but to say that Sony doesn't have the strongest line up of games right now is moronic. I have high hopes for a stellar line up for the vita and seeing some of the vita features hit the PS3 very soon. Party application with universal cross game chat and cross platform chat.

StanSmith2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"Plus Sony didn't drop the price couple of months later."

Wrong. Sony dropped the price within the first year when
they released the 40gb. That was about a year after its release in japan and only 7 months after it's release in the EU.

Also it had two good games at launch. Those being resistance & motorstorm. It took months for decent titles to come out. Devs wouldn't support it and when they did, the games were poor ports compared to 360.

The current situation with the 3DS mirrors exactly the same situation as the PS3 when it launched.

It's funny how many people have selective memory issues on this site and instead try to rewrite history themselves.

kneon2609d ago

The PS3 situation was significantly different. It included new and expensive tech that was dropping in price very quickly.

When the PS3 launched it was the cheapest bluray player around and the bluray drive was likely the single most expensive component in the system. But bluray drives have been dropping in price at 30-50% per year. They can now be had for as little as $50. So this along with other component cost reductions and redesigns allowed them to drop the price several times.

StanSmith2609d ago

So why did they cut full b/c from EU consoles? Why remove further stuff like USB ports and card readers? If it became cheaper then we would be using these features today.

They took parts out, then manufactured the 40gb PS3 because it wasn't selling. There was no games and Devs didn't want to support it. Yes it is the best home console available now for hardware and software but back in 2007, nobody gave a damn about it.

Sony changed this by removing parts and making the console cheaper. I paid £450 at launch for my 60GB with Resistance despite it having less B/C than US and JP models. I witnessed it drop to £349.99 in August that same year.

Like i said, this situation Mirrors the current 3DS situation.

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SuperBeast8112609d ago

Nintendo is just waaaaaaaay to greedy we all know the PS3 cost ALOT of money to produce at first and you cant tell me the 3ds cost a whole lot to make 3d screen or not they overpriced it sony was selling the ps3 at a loss to get the install base microsoft does the same thing nintendo dont look at the wii all that money for a gamecube with motion control sad

White-Sharingan2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

@JellyJelly- No, the PS3 only had one price cut until the slim was released, not several like you said. Ps3 launched at $500 and $600, then the price cut was at $400 with the introduction of the 40gb and then the 80gb (which I believe was $500). After that, the slim version was released and got another price cut ($300, the current price). So only two price cuts so far, not several, and only one with the original PS3.

EDIT: (on topic) - Nintendo got too greedy, those greedy bastards. I regret buying my 3DS after the lackluster titles and now because of the announce price cut. I swear on my life that I will pirate the shit out of the 3DS when it gets its CFW, and this is coming from someone who hates people who pirate games, but if Nintendo stole from me ( I bought the 3DS almost two months ago and they are now lowering the price?) then I'll steal from them. Let the disagrees roll out!

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WhiteLightning2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"Well history can be wrong you know"

- Nathan Drake :)

Swiggins2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Ah but "History is written by the victors"

- Winston Churchill.

MasterCornholio2609d ago

"History is a set of lies agreed upon.
- Napoleon Bonaparte

Masterchef20072609d ago

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

- He who shall not be named

tiffac2609d ago

“History is fables agreed upon.”


dragonyght2609d ago

but dispite all "History is a vast early warning system"

-some unknown author.

Cereal2609d ago

"It's always a nice day with two scoops of raisins."

- Mr. Sun

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2609d ago

OMG this thread of comments is gold!