Is a Price Drop the Great Equilizer Between the 3DS and PSV?

GameRevolution: "I'll use my powers for good, not evil and tell you which handheld you'll be choosing over the other this holiday season."

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-Alpha2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

All about the games, and this holiday season, the 3DS will have the upper hand.

The 3DS will have high powered brand games coming out for the system and titles like Uncharted wont be able to match.

If people invest in the PSV, they are doing just that: making an investment. The hardware is the biggest seller for the PSV as it is miles better than that of the 3DS, but the biggest games aren't going to come until a bit later.

Clearly the PSV isn't going down with a fight as it could very well do to Nintendo what PSOne did to N64. Nintendo is in no way going to repeat their high level of success they had with the DS. Within 5 years, the mobile market has captured casuals in a way that Nintendo just can't keep up with: $2 games and sophisticated technology.

But I think Sony's strength lies in the 3rd party support. The biggest Sony exclusives are third party-- Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, and GTA being the top selling for the PSP. If titles like that come out consistently for the PSV then we'll have a situation much similar to that of the PSOne/N64 era IMO. But whether those kinds of titles happen or not remains to be seen for both handhelds actually. If going just by history, then the DS had an incredibly huge lineup of titles that the PSP couldn't match.

Nintendo's best selling titles are Nintendo First Party games, and when PSV drops, that is what they are up against. I don't see how this Christmas can't go towards the 3DS. But after 2011, we will have to wait and see what happens next.

dbjj120882613d ago

With the average age of gamers going up and up every year, I think the PSV has a better chance this holiday season than you give it. Last year the "hot" gift for men 18-36 was an iPad. If you've already got one of those, guess what you're getting this Christmas.

-Alpha2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

That information calculates the huge ushering in of retirement home seniors playing on the Wii.

Older=/= more hardcore, it just as well means more casual

The PSV is hardcore to the bone. The thing doesn't even fit into your pockets and I don't see casuals/businessmen lugging around a PSV at an airport. I don't even see hardcore gamers going out enough to play PS3 games on the PSV. It's a handheld, and it needs handheld exclusives. Games like LBP for the Vita are making a great utilization of the PSV, while games like Mod Nation Racers are simply applying what they have on the PS3 to the PSV. Sony needs more games like LBP.

The iPhone is quite literally the best thing for the casual market, and that is a huge reason why Nintendo wont be able to sell to the casual crowd the same way anymore. They have the games, they have the price, but whether or not they can get casuals to carry $40 game cartridges with them remains to be seen when they can load up $0.99 addictive titles while remaining connected to their social networks. If anything is getting overlooked, it's mobile gaming. People here don't look at the iPhone as a serious contender, but it is.

I truthfully think this is Sony's and Nintendo's problem: handhelds are not actually played on the go as much as they are played in the home. Making PS3 games on the PSV and appealing to casuals wont work better than having exclusive titles. It's always, ALWAYS about the exclusive games and that's what they need to focus on most

NewMonday2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

the 3DS well be the option for parents buying presents for the holidays after the big price drop, but this will be the first time in years Nintendo will lose money on hardware.

but i still think the core gamer will get the PSV or both.

in the long run i don't think the 3DS will last as long as the DS, because this time i think the PSV will establish itself in the western market, unlike the PSP which is dominating Japan, but is dead in the west.

i think 2 games will make the difference for the PSV:

Monster Hunter in Japan
COD for the west(kids won't resist this)

perdie2613d ago

How come nintendo doesn't make new IPs anymore? are Mario and zelda gonna really keep nintendo alive for the next 10 years?

Arnon2613d ago

Thank god. I wish more people would just listen. A console is about it's games. The PSV (Yeah, I'm picking one up) is seriously a monster handheld and can produce a very big quality product. But the titles that Nintendo will release is the reason the DS did so well.

When the PSV releases, the 3DS will already have an abundant library of games. Better hardware or not, it's going to come down to affordability and what is on the handheld currently to play.

morganfell2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

"Is a Price Drop the Great Equilizer (sic) Between the 3DS and PSV?"


When the 3DS can beat the PSP then it can look at taking on Vita.

The Vita is the hardcore device for gaming yet it still has a host of social and other useful functions.

There are several 3rd party titles coming for the Vita that just are not doable on the 3DS. A new Bioshock title and an exclusive Call of Duty game just to name two.

Let me repeat that last part, an exclusive Call of Duty title...on the Vita...with controls that work.

death2smoochie2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

18-35+ demographics are buying ipads, iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets and the likes more than dedicated hand-helds for MOBILE ON THE GO GAMING.
All one has to do is travel on the local transit system or go to your local Airport or Train Station and you can see which consumers are using what device for their mobile gaming fix.

The 18+ age demographics are using their Smart/Super Phones and Tablets more so for mobile gaming than dedicated hand helds.
This trend has slowly evolved over the past two years and there is no sign of this trend slowing down.
The numbers are actually staggering if you research it

evrfighter2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Imo they put too much stock in ocarina of time. They must have really believed a remake was going to be a system seller.

poor decision imo. someone at nintendo should take a pay cut.

oh wait.

though tbh I own both an iphone and an evo I don't think I'll be interested in mobile gaming on anything else when I can just bust out my phone wherever I am.

death2smoochie has it right as I land smack dab in the middle of that demographic and everyone I know around my age are doing the same thing as well.

metsgaming2613d ago

i cant go back to a 1 analog stick i just cant.

ABizzel12613d ago

They needed a price cut (check), Games (coming soon), and a better battery life (wait for the 3DS lite).

So almost.

MaxXAttaxX2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

When it comes to games.

Maybe the 3DS being released almost 1 year ahead of the PSV will work in its favor as it's had more time to get some MORE original GAMES, which is currently lacking.

Motion + multitouch screen/pad + dual analog sticks are more useful for gaming than a 3D slider. I think that's why a lot of people aren't very convinced on "upgrading" to a 3DS yet. The small jump in graphics isn't enough.

Known Nintendo franchises didn't help the GameCube or the N64 which had well known Nintendo exclusives and "lost" to the PS1 which came out with brand new franchises.

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Sev2613d ago

You make a good point, Alpha. This holiday season it's 3DS for the win. Then again, Sony may not have made enough PS Vita units to support holiday sales worldwide; it may be tough to find one.

The Vita has staying power, it's future proof like the PS3 was. Whereas the 3DS is only mediocre in its feature set and power.

3DS has tanked in Japan, even the PSP is outselling it. I think the Vita will stomp 3DS in Japan. And it be a pretty even keel elsewhere.

-Alpha2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The 3DS faces many issues, one of which simply is the lack of exclusive games. This is not going to be any different for the PSV-- and while Sony is pushing a much better lineup for its launch, they are going to be competing against Nintendo exclusives. Nintendo exclusives sell. And Nintendo games are actually quality titles, meaning core gamers are just as attracted to the games.

Power=/= futureproof. The PSP has proved that more than anything. It's about the games first and foremost. Not the gimmicks, not the power of your product. Nintendo has that come December, and they lacked it throughout the summer, hence why their sales tanked after the initial hype.

The DS was nowhere near the capabilities of the PSP and its staying power outdoes even the 3DS. Why? Games. A ton of great games that you cannot experience anywhere else for an affordable price. It's the same reason why the PS2 still has staying power despite being a weaker console.

Japan loves the PSP, sure, but they also love Pokemon and Mario. Again, when it comes to exclusives, Nintendo's First Party has an established powerhouse. Sony's primary selling point is raw hardware power. It's exactly what we saw with the PSP. And I don't think raw power will outdo brand power come this Christmas. After 2011, we will see what developers have in store, but Sony needs those 3rd party powerhouses because IPs like Uncharted can't match Final Fantasy, GTA, Mario, Pokemon, etc

zero_cool2613d ago

What are you talking about the PS3 still has a good 3 to 4 years left in it because most multi platform developers haven't exhausted out the hardware let alone have many taken advantage of using move & 3D into any games only some have.

MaxXAttaxX2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

No. A ton of casual games helped the DS and target audience marketing.

Known Nintendo franchises didn't help the GameCube or the N64 which had well known Nintendo exclusives and "lost" to the PS1 which came out with brand new franchises.
You'd think unknown games would be unable to match Nintendo's franchises back then, but I guess that wasn't the case back then and it won't be the case now. The PlayStation brand is a lot bigger than what it was back in 1995 and so are its games.

The 3DS needs to deliver new original 3DS games including known Nintendo franchises that are not just remakes, as clearly, Ocarina of Time didn't help much.

P.S. Final Fantasy and GTA are also on PlayStation.

BattleAxe2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Nintendo is going down in flames. Their stock just dropped 40%, the 3DS is being outsold by the PSP, and they're releasing a new console at the wrong time, and with features that don't look appealing. I predict that the WiiU will be the next SEGA DreamCast. Within the next 4-5 years we'll be playing Super Mario games on our Xbox's and PS3's, because I think Nintendo will turn into a 3rd party developer just like SEGA did or Apple could possibly buy them out.

dbjj120882613d ago

Yeah, because the Wii was exactly like the Saturn. Basically Nintendo's been rushing console after console. You're right, they're going to go down in flames....

Troll harder.

TBM2613d ago

personally i don't care that they dropped the price i still will not buy a 3DS because the 3D effect combined with the small screen just doesnt mesh with my bad eyes. when i tried it out it had the same effect that half life 2 had for me(headaches, nausea) to the point where i have to lay down just to have the feeling subside.

i will purchase the vita because the screen is bigger, it has two analog sticks which is what i handheld should have to comfortable gaming. plus it has more games that im interested in.

ill probably get mad disagrees but not stuck on nostaglia like everyone else even though nintendo is a great company.

Mario4life2613d ago

you can turn it off it helps alot when i play, plus in somes cases its gives the games better framerates

the_best_player2613d ago ShowReplies(1)
Peaceful_Jelly2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

it never been about the games it always been about the price. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

People always adopt the cheapest and developers give the most support to the console with the highest sales. Wii is the only console that contradicts my conclusion and even then you can't deny that 3rd Devs tried but they had more success with the PS3/X360 seeing as they both have similar specs and decent fanbase.

SoapShoes2613d ago

Oh please... Like those high powered brand names helped out the GameCube or 64 before that. Nintendo's franchises are not the end all be all. The PS1 came out with ALL new IPs, not one established franchise(until FF7 and MGS but those weren't till later) and it still derailed Nintendo's supposed "high powered" brand names.

Again Nintendo franchises are not the end all be all. I think WipEout is a great game and that will be launching with the Vita. Now if they can get a few more heavy hitters when it launches then the game excuse for not getting it will not be relevant.

If it's all about the games then how do you explain the 3DS even selling for so many months with basically a poor line up of games? Or any launch console for that fact? Most consoles launch with poor launch line ups. Look at the PS2 and Xbox for examples.

miyamoto2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Its too early to make predictions like that Alpha.
Sony has not revealed all its cards yet as far as games are concerned. Same with EA, Activision, SquareEnix, Capcom etc. and most major publishing houses have not revealed their games yet. There's just so many big third party titles in the pipe line like Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, MGS etc.

1 is Sony won the first round when they announced the PS Vita this January, stalling many potential 3DS buyers.
2 and the second round when they announced the $250 price tag again stalling more 3DS buyers.
3 The third round would be the launch games line up.

Its the same marketing strategy they used for the PS2 all over again.

The 3DS is suffering from the same tactics that downed the Dreamcast.

The problem with the 3DS is it also left the kiddie market that made the DS such a huge hit.

So this time its a different story as Nintendo is dead set on capturing the hardcore market which still sees the 3DS as a toy for kids.

Another factor that keeps the DS market away is the health hazard warning for young kids regarding the damage 3D has for their eye sight. Parents will likely not compromise their children's health for a cheap 3DS.

And since you are talking in a general sense it would be wise to consider Japan, Asia and Europe etc. markets as well not just NA.

Don't under estimate the power of brand loyalism like the iDevices enjoy at the moment and for the PlayStation brand its no different.

forevercloud30002613d ago

Everyone knows that the 3DS is put at a huge disadvantage due to the uprising of cellphones and tablets. We also assume the Vita will suffer do to this same fact as well as the fact PS doesn't have the name recognition Nintendo has with Mario and the like. The truth is Sony thought through this properly. The Vita is placed perfectly inbetween.
gaming handheld + tablet = Vita

I mean are we seriously all forgetting that the PSP did alot of the same things these new phones and tablet's do(albeit poorly but it was a start). PSP had music, internet, skype/phone, camera, and eReading. Sony implemented all these things before hand but now they have a better template on what to do and the hardware is definitely capable of. With the PS Suite we will see Apps for Vita as well as smaller sized games for quick bursts of play. Also we will most assuredly have a better web browser that will support things like Youtube/Hulu/Netflix etc. You will be able to take pictures, video record and once again make phone calls via wifi/3G utilizing skype. This is all AFTER the fact it will be bringing some very unique and groundbreaking games to the table like Uncharted:Golden Abyss, SuperStardust Delta,Gravity Daze,Sound Shapes, LBP, Little Deviants(All slated launch titles too!).

Basically Sony has all their bases covered with the Vita and it has no forseable flaws other then it has to compete with all these things at once and just as this author did, many undermine Sony's core game franchises although they are spectacular. Yet how will a Vita not sound like a better alternative when you can do everything the 3DS/iphone/tablet does for only $250?

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doctorstrange2613d ago

But I think they've got a good fighting chance.

Kee2613d ago

No, I still think the PSV will probably have more good games, but the price drop does help justify buying the 3DS.

dbjj120882613d ago

What games are you referring to? There's like... 5 that have been publicly demoed, LBP, Uncharted, Tennis, Sound Shapes... and I've lost the rest of them.

Kee2613d ago

LBP uncharted is that not enough? I mean it's not even out yet and those titles are announced for it. i suppose it'll be kept on the down low what else is coming out but you have to realise I'm just speculating.

LeonhartX2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


just a google dude just a teeny weeny google would have been enough :P

forevercloud30002613d ago

As Kee was getting at, LBP is like 1million games in one first off. Yet if that is not your cup of tea(If u like games I can't see how tho) then you still have...

(And These are JUST the slated Launch window games)
Uncharted:Golden Abyss
ModNation Racers Vita
Gravity Daze
Little Deviants
Hot Shots Golf Vita
Sound Shapes
Wipeout HD
SuperStardust Delta
Reality Fighter

All of them highly recieved from press and gamers alike. I can tell you know that all of these will end up averaging higher with reviews once they come out as well.

Shackdaddy8362613d ago

Honestly, the only game that interests me on the PSV is LBP. I rather play the Uncharted series on a home console. But to each their own I guess. I wont complain if Vita outdoes the 3DS...

Foxgod2613d ago

If the PSV will be out by then in Europe, il be switching consoles constantly, 5 minutes of 3ds, 5 minutes of psv, repeat.

Close_Second2613d ago

Lets just see how the Vita has sold by Dec 2012. You'll probably see more price drops, more revisions of the model. Honestly, because of how Sony burnt me over the Go I couldnt care less if the Vita fails.

CaptCalvin2613d ago

you coulda done more research b4 buying the go

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