The Witcher Script Heavily Edited for English Audiences, Says The Writer

Players of CD Projekt's hardcore Polish RPG The Witcher may not be hearing the whole story when it comes to the game's characters and quests. According to one of the game's writers, and a chorus of disappointed fans, The Witcher was heavily edited in its transition to the English language.

"Yes, it's true," said writer Sande Chen in response to the issue on the official Witcher forums. "My writing partner and I worked on the English adaptation of the script (based on the translation from the Polish script). It was edited down considerably, not because of censorship, though."

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MK_Red4056d ago

It's a great game but with a better publisher and localization Witcher could have been much more successfull commercially.

Gorgon4056d ago

Hum, I'm not sure that it could have been much more successful comercialy just because of a better localization. But it sure would have been more successful if instead of beying developed by CDProject published by ATARI it read in the publicity "new game by Bethesda/Bioware!!!".

Unfortunately, it didn't, and so many people will miss this waiting for the next "Oblivion"...

Charlie26884056d ago

Well I think the Witcher wont do as bad in sales as it could have done since they are actually advertising it in several sites (GameSpot,IGN, FilePlanet) and the fact that it received good scores from some of the big site aids a LOT, plus the game was sold out in Amazon O.o as of yesterday and even JR only had 1 left