New Info about Portal 2 DLC

Portal 2′s upcoming DLC will bring a few new features and game mechanics to Portal 2. Here’s what you didn't know.

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Sinterfire2406d ago

Nice new independent coop story. I need to fix my PC so I can play this with my bud.

Urrakia342406d ago

Hopefully it really does come out soon in regular time and not Valve time! Lol I'd love to play that co-op story with my gf as we already completed all the co-op test chambers. I love Portal, it's awesome.

WhiteLightning2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Oh for gods sake I want some single player DLC, added test chambers, advanced test chambers, challenges. I couldn't care less about the co-op story you had to play with someone else online which I don't like doing anyway.


valvenews2406d ago

They're bringing in single player and co-op challenge maps as well

jp332405d ago

You can find a bunch of singleplayer mods here: http://www.thinkingwithport...

The "AngryBombs" map is awesome, it has Rick the Adventure Sphere!