Are Software Developers Looking for Innovation in the Wrong Place?

One of the big buzz words that often comes out of game developers' mouths is "surprise." But is "surprise" really the answer? Or is the answer instead providing players with better ways of enjoying familiar experiences?

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dangert122375d ago

90percent are not looking for innovation
and are happy to proceed with there 'milk milk milk operation'

N4g_null2375d ago

I wish they would milk top down Zelda like the Nes and snes version. Milk is getting over used sort of like how women use to claim that video game make violent kids.

I'm happy with all the improvements to the franchise except Mario galaxy it's still not there yet. Plus the wii play stuff need configuration controls for points rounds etc.

The graphic realism race is so old now though. Bring back imagination!

Stealth2k2374d ago

innovation.....lost this gen

jacksheen00002374d ago

I have to agree with this article because most game developers are too afraid to exercise their creativity; simply because it too risky to bring something new. And companies fear if what their bringing out doesn't work in the market place;it could mean a great lost in stocks/investment for the company.That being said, They rather copy a concept/idea/gaming genres that has already been doing successfully in the gaming world;because it's something that they feel that we would most likely work and people would be willing to spend their hard earned money on. A prime example of this: Microsoft at one point probably never once cared about motions control technology until they saw how well the Nintendo Wii controller did.And so, Microsoft then saw the opportunity to cash in on the concept and decided to make their own version.The Kinect! This of course is extremely contagious from one company to the next and I don't ever see it coming to an end because there just too many chickens heads out there in the gaming industry that's not willing to take a change on bringing us all something new to for a change.