Submitted by Valay 1380d ago | screenshot

Beautiful Xenoblade Chronicles screenshots/art

Nintendo of Europe released some beautiful screenshots and art pieces in English of Xenoblade. (Wii, Xenoblade, Xenoblade Chronicles)

Xof  +   1380d ago
Looks great.

I really wish I could buy the game.

Instead I guess I'll just have to download it illegally and use Dolphin. Thanks, Nintendo of America! You saved me $50!
Hicken  +   1380d ago
Like, I REALLY want to care about this, but seeing as I won't be able to buy it...
Darkseeker  +   1380d ago
Why play it on dolphin when you can hack your wii to play backups and imports.
Xof  +   1380d ago
Because I don't want to hack my Wii, that's why.
CrescentFang  +   1379d ago
Same artist who did the Baten Kaitos series...
We need a sequel

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