Spec Ops: The Line - Beta testers needed

Here's a chance to see Yager's next game before anyone else. The developer of Spec Ops: The Line looks for new beta testers.

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marioPSUC2711d ago

thats weird, I was in the Multiplayer beta a long while ago, i stopped playing it and deleted it, i guess they are doing another

Crazyglues2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Well I guess that already confirms that the game is going to suck, if you stop playing the demo and deleted it, guess it wasn't that good...

I hardly ever delete a demo before the demo time is up unless it's LAME


marioPSUC2711d ago

I had fun with it, though that might have been just like any new game, its fun at first.

The game did feel just like a generic 3rd person shooter, there was a sand element but it didnt really do much, the sand storms block your far range view for a little bit then goes away, and you can shoot out glass and stuff that has sand on top of it and it stuns ur enemies.

It wasnt what I was expecting. Theres plenty of better third person shooters out there

zzericzz2711d ago

I was also in the beta. I too stopped playing it.

BabyCarlos2711d ago

So, where did this stoopid German site get its information from? I can't see any source.

Crazyglues2711d ago

Obernerd I like your avatar, that's pretty cool..