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NowGamer speaks to Avni Yerli and Carl Jones from Crytek in the most in-depth interview of the year, where they discuss everything from Crysis and TimeSplitters to the Xbox 720, Wii U and next-gen...

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TimmyShire2684d ago

It's really quite interesting to hear from these guys. One of the biggest, upcoming devs?

skyward2684d ago

Can't wait to see more CryEngine games - Ryse looks ok, but bring original Crysis to consoles! Oh, and a CE3-powered RPG!

dragonelite2684d ago

I approve of a skyrim kind of game in CE3.

fastrez2684d ago

Crytek are pretty inspiring guys, up there with some of the brightest devs today.

Dlacy13g2684d ago

Very good interview...

I found the following statement to be a bit telling on what we should expect from Crytek in the future: "I think the next-generation consoles will be similar; every console will have this very specific type of group of gamers to design for, so a cross-platform approach will be very difficult going forward, in our opinion."

Venjense2684d ago

Crytek abandoned the 360 community with Crysis 2. The grain problem is still as bad as ever. 360 owners should boycott Crytek.

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