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Keith Olbermann2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Mines in the mail. I hate the fact there are no trophies but I didnt play much of this game back in the day and am eager to give it a proper go. Plus the $10 off Skyrim helps.

pr0digyZA2717d ago

"Plus the $10 off Skyrim helps." I think you should check this quote from ripten

First, you have to buy a copy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Collector’s Edition for full price. (Easy enough) $30

Then you have to buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Skyrim Official Strategy Guide for full price, no discounts allowed (not even store employees) $60 + $25

Now it gets fun:

You have to have bought Skyrim and the Strategy guide between 11/11 and 12/11 (One month window) at the same exact time and have them shown on the same receipt. (Don’t wanna lose that)

Last, but certainly not least: you have to cut off the UPC codes from all three items and mail them to Bethesda with the coupon from the anniversary edition and both of your receipts. Then, in just a few short weeks you’ll get… wait for it… a $10 Visa Gift Card!!

So, if you think buying the Oblivion collector’s edition and getting $10 off Skyrim is a good deal… think again.

In reality, you have to spend over $115 and jump through hoops to get a $10 gift card. Sweet deal..?

solidboss2717d ago

you sir (keith olbermann) will be sorely disappointed if you think your getting $10 off skyrim

KeiserSosay47882717d ago

Prodigy has it right. Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Still buying Skyrim though, hopefully off of Steam.

zeal0us2717d ago

See I'm not the only who read the article about $10 off lol too bad its not worth. I'm with ya pr0digyZA.

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Larry L2717d ago

you're sure there are no trophies? that was my deciding factor on buying this.

ainsz2717d ago

I really hope this gets released in the UK. Trophies or no trophies!

MasterCornholio2717d ago

Dang i want this Spain. Would be great to game with oblivion before getting into Skyrim

Frak2717d ago

ppl do not buy this game, boycott it.

1: no trophies

2: no add ons

vile lair,fighters stronghold,horse armour,theives den,spire,deepscron cave,etc