120° Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Preview "The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection has been a long time coming, but Hideo Kojima finally announced its existence during Konami's pre-E3 event. Including Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and the latest in the Metal Gear canon, Peace Walker, fans can expect to re-experience the rise of Outer Heaven and the Patriots all over again in high definition. Peace Walker HD in particular was playable at E3 and seeing as I'm a massive dork for the franchise, I didn't hesitate in getting some hands-on time with it at Konami's booth."

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ShawnCollier2708d ago

I wonder if things will be any more peaceful in beautiful HD? :p

Hardedge2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I'm looking forward to the online and Trophy support. I wonder if it'll be retroactive.

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