Metal Gear Solid 3DS Looks Inferior to PS2 Version

SegmentNext - "Metal Gear Solid 3DS by far looks inferior to the Playstation 2 version of the same game".

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Shok2749d ago

In some areas no, in some yes. It's kinda inconsistent to be honest. I'm sure the 3D will make it look great though.

aceitman2749d ago

i hope so i was looking foward to playing this on the 3ds. but i have to say its not looking that great graphics wise.and it looks nothing near what they showed last year. and the media is saying the same .

BiggCMan2749d ago

Yes, my thoughts exactly. When they showed it last year, I was amazing at the screens they released. Apparently they were all 'bullshots' I think thats what people call them. It won't make the game any less amazing though, thats for damn sure.

SilentNegotiator2749d ago

If it's the version with the much improved camera (what won't be on 3DS due to control limitations), then yes please.

pain777pas2749d ago

Now if the collection is transfarring compatible with the NGP, the NGP will get a Xbox version of the game. Now, the year he took to work on the 3DS title is now meaningless. His tweets are now starting to make sense. The game is good and should be played but I would rather play the NGP version with dual analog sticks etc with Peace walker and MGS2 for that matter. MGS1 is not included because I sense a complete remake of the first game for the Anniversary of MGS next year. Tokyo game show reveal possiblly. If you have a 3DS though the game will be optomized for the platform and even though I have all the games in a previous PS2 collection this is the only one I haven't beat. Sniper Boss is just kicking my ass. LOL! I can't wait to revisit these games in HD. MGS2 is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be it is actually a phenomenal game. MGS4 is the videogame blockbuster business model to follow like UC games.

Rainstorm812749d ago

Yeah i loved the Boss battle against "The End", on my first play through it took me almost an hour to defeat him.

I love it when you are trying to go stealth by laying prone and as soon as u stop looking through ur scope.....behind you

MGS is a great series theres nothing like it

DatNJDom812742d ago

Don't say that rainstorm. All MGS is is a movie. Who would ever want to play a movie. /s.

Chocoboh2749d ago

The DS also doesn't have 2 joysticks so yeah.. I wonder how that will work

I like how they are using the 2nd screen for quick weapon changes though

Neo Nugget2749d ago

Well, neither does the psp for Peace Walker.

White-Sharingan2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Peace Walker is optimized and was made from the ground up for a handheld, MGS3 wasn't...

NukaCola2749d ago

PW has pretty rough controls though. Duel Thumbsticks will make a huge world of difference.

PirateThom2749d ago

Did you ever play the Snake Eater version of MGS3?

It had no free camera, it was all locked, it was only changed in the Subsistence version.

hard joe2749d ago

inferior? and i thought 3ds is a powerful handheld

AWBrawler2749d ago

it is when in the right hands
look at Resident Evil Revelations

Neo Nugget2749d ago


Can it be a bull shot if they've released video of it?

AWBrawler2749d ago

ok there is no reasoning with you. This debate ends here, but I will leave you with a clip of RE: Revelations and so who else thinks it's "bullshot"

Chocoboh2749d ago

it's a ported PS2 game with an engine made around the ps2 technology

I hope you're kidding..

Venox20082749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

it's a port of Ps2 game, what did you expect? btw + 3D, which takes some resources too.. if it was built from a ground up then I think we would see something nicer ....btw I don't trust screens, when I'll see it in my own 3DS then I'll have my own opinion about MGS 3D graphics, because there were many times when graphics look worse in screens and trailers than was in actual game (especially with DS games)..

kikizoo2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I have a 3DS, and graphics are pretty close to psp/ps2..nothing exceptional, since nintendo always has 3 to 5 years to equal sony quality.

"Wonder what the complaint will be if Cafe is the most powerful next gen "

LOL, exactly what i was saying...5 years and more.(it would be a suicide to not deliver a more powerfull console than 360 and ps3, since wii sales are declining since 2 years, and ps3 has a way better library and better motion controler....but X720 and ps4 will just destroy cafe's graphics)

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CaulkSlap2749d ago

I'm sure it'll look about the same on the small screen. But really this is just not a good sign for 3DS. Not much point in a system when the best games are old ports. Probably will get one when the Lite version inevitably comes out, but NGP or Vita (god i hate that name) is looking a hell of a lot better in every regard.

CrescentFang2749d ago

It can't look that bad compared to the original, also this one let's you play MGS3 on the go, so I can sacrifice that for portability...

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