Is Resident Evil Portable now an NGP game?

Resident Evil is no stranger to the portable gaming space and the franchise even has two outings coming up for the Nintendo 3DS, The Mercenaries 3D later this month and Revelations early next year. So, with Sony’s next handheld looming in the horizon and with the PSP slowly approaching the end of its life-cycle, could we end up seeing Resident Evil Portable on the NGP? Or better yet, could it be re-revealed next week at E3 for said platform?

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EYEamNUMBER12752d ago

i bet you 20 bucks it went the Devil May Cry psp route AKA cancelled for whatever reason

Blaze9292752d ago

Devil May Cry PSP, aw man - how I looked so forward to that title. Probably wouldve been great

Kamikaze1352752d ago

I hope so...I love the PSP, but seeing this on the NGP would be great.

a_bro2752d ago

well they did announced an RE game for PSP, we hasvent seen it since. development most likely moved to NGP.

miyamoto2752d ago

looking forward to this title

Blaze9292752d ago

good luck with that looking...

creamsoda2752d ago

I hope they make it survival horror like the first 3 Resident Evils.

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The story is too old to be commented.