Aliens: Colonial Marines -- NEW in-game screenshot

Gearbox has released the first in-game screenshot we've seen in years for the long-awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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Electro_UK1795d ago

I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. It's alive and it looks great!

frostypants1794d ago

Please don't let it suck...please don't let it suck...

Hockeydud191795d ago

It's about freaking time! I wanna see this in action!

Fishy Fingers1795d ago

Cannot wait for this. Visually it looks great, the story/universe, hell even level/art design is all there for them already. Technically it should be harder to f*** this up than come out with something great.

Pintheshadows1795d ago

Right back to the top of my radar.

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