Rumor: NGP Specs Dowgraded, 2011 Release in Japan

The NGP will release this year in Japan and next year in the rest of the world according to, a French tech with a history of reliably reporting leaked Sony information. That same site leaked accurate specs of the NGP, weeks before the devices unveiling

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ABizzel12583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )



Elimin82583d ago

Didn't they do the same with the original PSP? Clock speed etc.. I think it'll be fine though.

Active Reload2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

If they do decide to downgrade, I think it should be the base model. They should have an option of actually letting people pre-order the higher spec NGPs, that way they're not making too many of the more expensive ones. I would actually place an order for a higher end model if they feel that releasing them onto store shelves with a higher price tag would scare off potential customers.

-Alpha2583d ago


Wouldn't that just create issues for consumers and developers?

I don't see why people are so obsessed with power.

Remember that when NGP releases, if it's something like $350, Nintendo will be in a perfect position to lower their prices.

Sony has to keep competition and consumers in mind. As much as the hardcore fans on N4G would spend upwards of $300 for a handheld, most gamers wont.

I'm sure downgrading wont be a huge issue, the handheld is already damn powerful as it is.

chadwarden2583d ago

@ Active Reload

I don't think they would release 2 models with different specs. That would make developing a game a nightmare for the developers since both systems would would have to handle the load....Unless the game automatically downgrades the graphics on the lesser model.

Active Reload2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

@Alpha & Chad

I guess it could cause those problems--yeah it's possible. I was thinking along the lines of having a version for the "casual market", they would be the ones who wouldn't care about the specs of the NGP, while the "core" audience knows which one to pick up and devs can make the games for which ever one they choose. It's feasible to go this route and I'm surprised Sony doesn't think in this manner. Apple does it, although I'm not sure if they are aware of it. Sony could make the skus different colors or whatever they had to do, to get the consumer to understand. But hey, I understand if Sony doesn't want to do this. There isn't much incentive to expect the "core" to pay outrageous prices for their tech, seeing as though that didn't really work that great last time.

gaffyh2583d ago

Loss of the RAM will be disappointing, but the removal of internal storage is probably a good idea. I mean you can get cards that are big enough nowadays.

gamingdroid2583d ago

The solution for that is to code for the lowest common denominator i.e. ignore the higher spec one!

So the answer would be no, that would likely never happen. The good news about this is that they will have a much more competitive product. At $250 it is already a very high price. Remember the PSP Go? Yeah, it was $250 (albeit lower spec'ed technology to boot).

BattleAxe2583d ago

This is only the Non-3G models that will be getting the downgrade according to the article.

damnyouretall2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

if it can still run that unreal 3 tech demo after the downgrade then im ok with it.i dont expect a handheld being much more powerful than what ive seen already in the demos. but if its worst than what we've seen so far, ill wait for a price drop. sucks cause i have a day one preorder. thats life but this sucks ass

HolyOrangeCows2583d ago

1/2 the RAM, no internal memory? That would be unfortunate.

But so long as it doesn't overheat and it's competitive enough to be more developed for than the PSP, I guess it's not a HUGE deal. I think it still give the PS2 a run for its money, if not more powerful.

I was looking forward to having the internal memory, though. But that would cause a huge price barrier, I know.

Joe29112582d ago


Are you really that stupid?

You think your idea is feasible? It's the dumbest thing I've heard in a while thats what it is.

Sony will downgrade but I'm sure it will be minimal, I'm not interested in handhelds anyways, I won't be picking one up no matter what the price.

DeadlyFire2582d ago

Keep the 512 Memory fix the other crap. That is okay. Only issue I believe would be power usage. So if the downgrade is required for the battery to last awhile longer then I can see it.

Masta_fro2582d ago


dude, you dont have to be that hard on the guy (Active) yea his idea is rediculous and not well thought out, but no need to call him stupid.

@ Active

The only plausibe option to reduce cost by offering several models, is to increase storage capacity, like 16GB vs 32GB...Thats storage not RAM.

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Joni-Ice2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Gosh I hope not. If so its probably because people keep complaining about price. $300 is too high...oh no Im not paying $350. STFU and go buy a 3DS then. I want everything in the NGP along with the kitchen sink.

DA_SHREDDER2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

then why do you cry about people wanting it to be a phone as well? BTW, this thing doesn't have full psn access, doesnt have L3 R3 buttons, or even games that are more than 5 gigs big. I wouldn't pay no more than 150 bucks for this thing no matter how good the graphics are. I already have 3 ps3's, a 3DS, and a 360. I would understand the price tag if it was a phone, but its not. Yet the 3g version has a contract?! LMAO, good luck Sony, Good luck to you sirs.

-Alpha2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

You'd really pay $350 for a handheld?

That's crazy expensive, and while you may support it, Sony has to keep in mind the average consumer they are selling to. Not even hardcore fans can afford $350 for a handheld, especially if you are a console owner who buys console games also.

I don't understand the obsession with power. The NGP is pretty powerful already, and even if it gets downgraded it'll still be mighty powerful. It's all about the games in the end

jetlian2583d ago

isn't much! though i'm not going over 300 myself unless uncharted is there day 1! people pay 800 for an ipad! they been paying 300-400 for ipods.

you still getting more than either of those

Istanbull2583d ago

I just hope NGP enables time travel.

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gamingdroid2583d ago

"The Ipod touch is like 400 bucks and it does much less. I'd pay 350 for something like the NGP"


The Ipod Touch starts out at $200 and have been sold as low as $150'ish.

stevoman752583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

the latest generation ipod touch (4th gen) runs from 229 to 399 depending on your internal storage.... and an ngp is far greater in value than even the 64 gig ipod touch at 399...
i will add that that is basic list price, could be cheaper somewhere else... i know if i didnt add that someone would tear me a new asshole...

MakiManPR2582d ago

what -Alpha said, remember that SONY has competitors the 3DS, NDSi AND the PSP also. You remember what happened to the PSP Go and the PS3 in its very first few years? SONY has to keep in the competitive price or they will go bankrupt. And even with this downgrade it will still be more powerful than the 3DS if thats whats worry u.

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iamtehpwn2583d ago

Trust me if they were lowered, it's not but very much. Many of the games are already in full swing production, so it cannot be that significant, Although I remind you almost all consoles specs are cut.

Even PS3's. If you remember, the original PS3 when it was revealed could rendered to TWO HDTV's at once in full 1080p. The only thing about it is, we would've been paying $1000 for a PS3 at launch.

KeiserSosay47882583d ago

Didn't they also say that games would run at 120 FPS? I remember something like that

jetlian2583d ago

wouldn't have cost 1000. in theory it could do it but actually it could not.

First real reason is the ps3 cell is not the same as the original one Its weaker

second reason you can never get 100 percent of an electronics' power at all times.

Active Reload2583d ago

I remember them saying they'd have a satellite dish in the PS3 too...

Max_Dissatisfaction2583d ago

They can lower the specs quite a bit because I seriously doubt that the launch games are going to be utilizing the full power of the NGP. Imagine if Dead Rising was using X360's full power, LOL.

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BubbleSniper2583d ago

I really hope this is false. My pocket burns and the NGP is the only water available.

xAlmostPro2583d ago

I doubt they'd downgrade anything that would ruin what they've already shown..

Misterhbk2583d ago

IDC about the specs being downgraded...It won't be by much..I just want this thing by the end of the year! USA release only makes sense with the Holidays...Please be a US release.

bwazy2583d ago

Heck no, I want a Canada release >:|

flankhim2582d ago

Told you guys 2011 months ago.

Mr Logic2582d ago

It's impressive that you knew all these details 167 years ago. 0_o

likedamaster2582d ago

Make the price point more attractive, then we'll talk.

UnbiasedGamer2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Nooooooooooooooooooo! I want the beast power! Phones have more RAM then that these days! hopefully not true. Lowering RAM means lowering so much possibilities. Phones these days have 1GB RAM!!

lil Titan2582d ago

might be for the best i just got info from an insider that the NGP they brought on stage to demonstrate could hack and control an F-35

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fluffydelusions2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Would suck if true. Same thing happened with Kinect. Specs were downgraded to save on costs.

guigsy2583d ago

So was the PS3, it was supposed to have like two HDMI ports and three ethernet ports.

heylo2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

seriously I can't believe this rumour

look at this:
iPhone 4 SDRAM costs $13,80 and that's 512MB

I know the NGP's LPDDR2 is a bit more expensive now but won't be in a few months when production in 30nm starts

Cutting the RAM nowadays is easily the worst and ineffective way of reducing the costs

HOSe2583d ago

need a worldwide release date :(

f7897902583d ago

No such thing when it comes to any form of media. Things have to be "regionalized" as to not offend assholes with nothing better to do.


BlackKnight2583d ago

Hopefully it is not true at all. While my Droid X phone has slower CPU and GPU than the NGP, it atleast has 512RAM. Hopefully the downgrade isn't true. Hell, I would expect it to have more RAM that my phone does, like 768MB or even 1GB since it is a portable gaming device.

Philaroni2583d ago

True but Cellphones cost Upwards of $600 They are not very cheep devices. I don't think Gamers would let Sony get away with a price point above $400 even though it would very much be worth it. If it is true then the reaction of gamer's to the speculated price is really only to blame.

BlackKnight2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

But phones are not sold like consoles/handhelds are. They (NGP) are sold usually at a LOSS because they expect to make up for it with royalty sales from each game sold.

Sony gets money for each game sold on the NGP.
Motorola gets NOTHING for apps sold on my DroidX, unless they made the app (which all the apps they make are free).

You would still think a handheld DEDICATED or at least FOCUSED to work for games would have better specs than a phone, that's all I am saying.

SuperM2583d ago

They are not cheap to buy but they dont cost nearly as much to produce. An iphone 4 cost about 180$ to produce yet they sell it for 600$+

ABizzel12583d ago

What Philaroni says is exactly right.

Your phone only cost $199, because your getting a contract for your phone bill along with that price. Without it it's $500 - $600 for most high tech smartphones.

That being said the drop is understandable in order to keep the price low. It didn't matter to me I was getting the 3G version regardless, but if they want to get more of the casual market then they need to be as close in price to the 3DS as possible.

Another thing to remember is that phones are multipurpose devices which is why they need 512MB of RAM, and while the NGP is a multipurpose device it's main function is gaming where most of the RAM will be applied.

The NGP is still a beast, but this sucks if it's true.

BlackKnight2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Well like I said above, when phones are sold out of contract, they are sold at a profit still, unlike gaming devices. Gaming devices sell at a loss (generally) and is made up in game sales.

Even though phones are "multipurpose" as you put it, gaming devices still benefit from large amount of RAM, always. From better textures to more sounds and larger levels able to be loaded and more character variety, it really does help.

EDIT @ABizzel1:

Well looking at my phone, I can close a shit ton of apps and only use 144MB right now (OS, Txting, Media player, some apps I dont want to close right now,) and leaving the remaining amount of 368MB for whatever on my phone. There IS a 256MB version of my phone, the Droid. I guess what really blows my mind is that RAM is so cheap right now, 4,000MB of highspeed stuff on PC is 50 bucks...

I do look at my xbox and PS3 games and see what I get, then I play on PC and see how it IS severely limiting :(

ABizzel12583d ago

That's true, but the only difference is consoles don't NEED it (I'm all for better graphics, AI, etc...) whereas a phone NEEDS it (if my phone is chugging to load something I'm getting rid of it and getting a new one).

Philaroni2583d ago

Well its not so much about that. The Android OS takes up much more system RAM then the NPG will on top of that you have all that stuff in the background running. That and the CPU and GPU are much more powerful then the ones on cell phones. I'd not worry to much the Xbox and PS3 have very limited RAM and look at the kind of games we get on it.

SuperM2583d ago

if you put to little ram in a gaming device it wont be able to produce as good graphics as it could and you are basically wasting processing power. Then you might aswell go with a weaker processor/gpu.

Philaroni2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

@Super M

That is not how it works, Graphics come mostly from good texturing and the art skills of the Devs. Lighting and Rendering are mostly handled by the GPU where AI and other things by the CPU. Ram is used mostly to store textures and help do more things at once. The difference lets say between a game like Killzone and Gears VS something like Alpha Protocol is the time and $$ put in to the game and the talent in the studio.

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buckley2582d ago

The consoles don't even have that much RAM

littlebigmarcpsps32583d ago

wtf....ill wait for confirmation.