IGN: Why We Need Pikmin 3

IGN: Nintendo is often berated for always turning to the same franchises for profit. Link's busy covering the adventure ground, Mario's jumping to satisfy our platforming needs, and Samus is delivering our first-person shooter desires. Nintendo has a series for almost every genre, and Mario frequently fills in the gaps. Some have grown tired of the lack of original characters, but still can't help but be excited whenever the familiar faces appear.

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ChickeyCantor2277d ago

Where is the love for F-zero?
Seriously. No one really talks about it.
F-zero is one of the best sci-fi racers EVER.

BXbomber2277d ago

IGN- why we need pikmin 3
IGN- review score for pikmin 3:7/10

why bother ign all u do is hype up games just to review them poorly.

rumplstilts2276d ago

I've been waiting 4 years for Pikmin 3.

AWBrawler2274d ago

we need olimar back ASAP to show some new inventive gameplay