ThoseGamingNerds: L.A. Noire Review

ThoseGamingNerds write: "L.A. Noire is the latest hit game from Rockstar Games and developer Team Bondi. Taking place in Hollywood in the 1940s, you play the role of Cole Phelps, a LAPD officer who is considered a war hero, and after the war he decides to join the police force with the intention of cleaning up the streets and making a name for himself.As Phelps you start off at the bottom working a patrol desk (mainly just as the tutorial of the game) and rise up the ranks in the police force, from Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson departments, you get promoted by completing all the cases in each department and as you go through the ranks the difficulty of the cases also increases, as the story progresses you begin to see just how corrupt the city and it’s highly regarded patrons really are.

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