SingStar PS3 in December

Sony has finally decided that SingStar PS3 will be out in December, after making us fear the worst recently by saying the game was stuck in "release limbo".

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Appmacguy3953d ago

About time! But December has 31 days Sony they can choose but obviously the lure of Christmas cash is too much to ignore. We now need a confirmed date, details of the mics bundled with it and cost of songs from the SingStore.

THC CELL3953d ago

if anything it will be before x mas day

Hapimeses3953d ago

Very good news indeed. My wife and daughter are very keen for this release.


mighty_douche3953d ago

a nice christmas day of listen to crap singing on the cards for me then :(

Hapimeses3953d ago

Yeah, you're not the only one with this joy to look forward to.


Darkiewonder3953d ago

It will be a great x-mas when you guys upload the video online. Hopefully sony has everything up and running BEFORE that!

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