Black Ops PS3 Bundle Coming in Three Weeks

A retail source informs Kotaku that a Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 bundle will be available on May 24. The unit lists for $299.99.

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-Mezzo-2576d ago

A regular 160GB costs $299.99 at all the retails, i guess this is the New Rumoured SKU, but cheaper. Cool

MintBerryCrunch2576d ago

im surprised this hasnt been done before with previous CoD's

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wsoutlaw872576d ago

a lot of times the bundle doesn't change the price. Its probably the same 160GB sku. when i first read it i thought KZ3 would be the better offer but i guess anything COD will attract more people who dont yet own a ps3/360

lazertroy2576d ago

Well PSn will deffintly be back before the 24th.

Uncharted3Goty2576d ago

pretty good deal Cod PS3 bundle when it was released on the xbox 360 it sold good as i rememeber hearing cod does great both on the 360 and ps3 so having a bundle for the console is great.

fluffydelusions2576d ago

Why cod? An old game, not exclusive, and Ms gets map packs first....weird bundle.

metsgaming2576d ago

yea its old and everyone who wants it already has it. Lame bundle there are so many games more deserving of a bundle and would yield a better result imo.

AdmiralSnake2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Its not about deserving its about what will sell, and COD sells great whether you wanna believe it or not.

Call of duty Black ops will be the first PS3 game to pass 10million in sales.....

LOGICWINS2576d ago

Because according to sales figures more people are willing to purchase the PS3 version of B.O over ANY other PS3 exclusive. So, contrary to your beliefs, the bundle makes perfect sense considering B.O is the most purchased/desired game on the PS3. Numbers don't lie.

Soldierone2576d ago

Depends. If its only at a store like BestBuy its probably not official and its simply BestBuy tossing in a game so you buy the console from them.

If it is official its for marketing purposes. If Sony tosses COD into the package they get to advertise with COD. Which means COD commercials with the PS3 logo at the end, or "Buy a PS3 with COD". Which in turn grabs the interest of the millions of COD fanboys and helps sell consoles.

wsoutlaw872576d ago

think off all the people who never played a ps3 but hear about COD all the time

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