Sega confirms Golden Axe is still on track for PS3

Recent reports from and, have led people to believe that Golden Axe: Beast Rider had become an Xbox 360 exclusive. However this is not the case. has contacted Sega directly and received word that Secret Level is working on both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version.

When asked if Secret Level had dropped the PS3 version of Golden Axe, Sega's Danny Chiu responded stating, "Not true, it's coming to PS3 as well."

So that should clear things up, everyone can expect both a PS3 version and Xbox 360 version next year when the game hits stores late in 2008.

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CaliGamer4074d ago

Was it ever in dispute? I had forgotten about this game but I didn't even know it was in question. Sometimes there are too many games to keep track of.

UltramanJ4074d ago

is whether or not this game does the classic franchise justice. Despite the two Genesis sequels sucking, this franchise still holds a special place in my nostalgic heart. It would be nice if Revenge of Death Adder was an unlockable. I'd get the game just for that.

Munky4074d ago

yeah man, i remember the original on the sega master system, i was able to beat it without dying once!! man those were the days...i miss space harrier

Genki4074d ago

how the game turns out that is. Multiplat or not I'm not gonna get my hopes up. Final Fight streetwise was a terrible blunder, so just because it carries an old name doesn't mean instant success anymore. Development is an entirely different beast these days. I'm indifferent. Not too optimistic, not too pessimistic. I admit, the name has it on my radar, but with no screens, media, or details, that's all it is to me at the moment, a name.

akaFullMetal4074d ago

well there you go, i guess it is coming to the ps3

Agriel4074d ago

you would think Kotaku would have taken the time to do a little research before posting an article. But I guess truth has never been what Kotaku was good at

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