(Gaming Update) Fez Preview

Gaming Update sat down at PAX East 2011 and demo'd the platformer Fez, coming away with a solid impression along with the suspicion that this may well be your favorite arcade title this year.

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macky3012779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

This year?, base that on what exactly?
lol,.. been looking forward for it for years and years now,..

It is all cool,.. except we don't know shit, when it is released for what platforms,.. etc

But this looks great,..

PandaJenkins2779d ago

I have been waiting several years aswell. I REALLY want to play it. Also they have always said it is coming out on XBLA.

Folezicle2779d ago

It says the release date at http://polytroncorporation....

however i have my doubts, maybe when they mention a month, ill be more convinced that it'll come out in 2011.

RockmanII72779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Game needs to hurry up. I first heard about this game in I think 2009 and I think I was late to the party.

Ponurasky2779d ago

FEZ please come out already!