Assassins Creed Revelations - Second Teaser revealed

Ubisoft revealed the second Teaser of Assassins Creed Revelations that shows Altair's arm, and a Fortress in the background.

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lastdual2783d ago

Yeah, these are actually making me less interested in the game.

Just give us a real reveal and ease the fears that this will be reusing the same assets from past games. New era. New cities. New protagonist.

limewax2783d ago

Not going to be a new protagonist, Its Altair from the first game

PhantomT14122783d ago

If it is to be released this year, I would prefer they use the same assets. I don't think they would be able to do something of quality from scratch in a year...

Johandevries2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

It's Donald Trump.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2783d ago

just give us a proper sequel!

BlmThug2783d ago

I Dont Want Altair, A Spinoff, Same Era And Same Game Engine

I Want Assassins Creed 3

TreMillz2783d ago

to be honest Assassins Creed 3 is likely the ending. There kinda still alot to explain you know.

DragonKnight2783d ago

I really hope it's Altair in the next game. Ezio never really felt like an Assassin, just someone being made to do the job. Altair was bred to be an Assassin and took pride in his work. Even if they brought in someone new for the next game, at least have that character trait.

But, ALTAIR FTW!! Masyaf b*tches!

LarVanian2783d ago

Altair was one of the most wooden characters I have ever seen in gaming, he had no personality at all. His deep monotone American accent also sucked and made no sense at all in 12th century Israel

NewZealander2783d ago

his voice was desmond, he probably didn't sound like that in life but in desmonds memories in the animus he used the same voice, anyway i love assassins creed so much! i dont care if its more back story or a true sequel, its by far my favorite franchise this gen!

DragonKnight2783d ago

As opposed to Ezio's "I'm only in this because I was forced into it, now I'm just doing it for the hell of it" character?

English didn't make sense in 12th century Israel, it's all semantics when arguing against the use of the Animus.

Assassin's aren't supposed to have flamboyant "oh look at me kill this guy" personalities.

strange19862783d ago

He didn't become an assassin for the hell of it. His family was murdered, so when he searched for answers, he not only discovered that his father was an assassin before him, but that there was a much larger conspiracy.

DragonKnight2783d ago

I didn't say he became an Assassin for the hell of it, I said he continues to stay one for the hell of it. I mean, he has the character of someone who's in it just because, unlike Altair who took pride in his work, and then had to regain his honor as the best there is.

Ezio didn't even care about the "conspiracy" until he was made to.

VenGencE9992783d ago


As opposed to Ezio's "I'm only in this because I was forced into it, now I'm just doing it for the hell of it" character?

Are these NOT your words?

Just asking...

DragonKnight2783d ago

Those are my words, but notice how I first said he was forced into it, not that he got into it for the hell of it.

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Murad-D122783d ago

Translation of the Arabic text ( which like most games written from right to left and that is the wrong way to right Arabic, anyway)

الطائر ابن لا أحد
Altair son of no one
correct me if am wrong but that's what read from the text shown

gameseveryday2783d ago

You are wrong.

It means Altair son of Ahad.

Murad-D122783d ago

Thats what i thought but then it was like this
L A not A L
so thought its NO ( LA AHAD ) rather then AL AHAD
blame the developers lol, DICE worked on arabic in BF3 after fans said the arabic is from left to right not right to left... anyway thanks for correcting

Rashonality2783d ago

where's the (لا) ?
and no, there's no way his name is Altair son of La Ahad, there's no such name in Arabic, so the only translation is the one Murad-D12 said.

Killzone3___2783d ago

it's Altair son of no body ..
jst like what he said , it's LA not Al , it's not a name , they are saying Altair does't have a father or something like that...

captain-obvious2783d ago

it says

الطائر ابن الاحد

احد in Arabic could mean Sunday OR literally (someone)

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