Sony says trophies and wallet funds not affected by outage

STN Writes:

Sony have confirmed that both trophies gain and any wallet funds before the outage have not been affected by the recent hack.

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nfourgtoday2792d ago

Well that's good to know. How long will it be before Sony's back on their feet again?

Mr_cheese2792d ago

I read somewhere that some services will start to come back online within a week. So hopefully a full come back within 2?

DaCajun2792d ago

WTF why are people worried about Trophies? As long as your PS3 doesn't die before PSN goes back up then there is no problem since all the trophies you get are stored on your PS3 locally and when PSN goes back up you just sync it with PSN to bring them up to date.

I just have to say WOW that of all the things to be worried about, is something like Trophies, talk about a pretty sad life you must have if that is your biggest concern.

metsgaming2792d ago

im still going to check the amount in my wallet to make sure its the same

norman292792d ago

Yeah and i can bet you there will be hundreds of posts about how peoples wallets have changed and they demand compensation *rolls eyes*

metsgaming2792d ago

^ of course. But if it really does happen at anytime not just because of this, you can get it back. Thats why they send you the emails with the balance when you add funds.

mastiffchild2791d ago

It's also hardly the only service to have suffered anything like this either so what's your point? I know people who've had IDs stolen, funds stolen and God knows what on tons of online spaces before anything happened with Sony and spoiled kids.

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perdie2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Thats good cuz I don't want to lose them trophies!!!

Even i synced my trophies like a day before it went offline.

Rejoice Trophy Hunters or as some actually like to be referred as TROPHY WHORES!!!

-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Can't you resync anyway, even if it was lost, since Trophies are on your HDD?

To be honest, my trophy level was the first thing I thought of 0_o No way in hell am I going back for my Platinums, especially Bad Company 2's "Demolition Man"

perdie2792d ago

yeah you can resync anyway. The problem some might have is if they switched/bought new a ps3 recently and it wouldn't have the trophies on their HDD, the only way they can get them is from the server they are saved onto.

metsgaming2792d ago

i once thought i lost all my trophies and thought the same thing im not doing them again. Fortunately when i logged in and synced the trophies psn realized that the level it had was different and put them all back to what it had in the servers. I huge relief i thought the zero trophies may sync to the servers erasing the ones i had but it was smart enough to notice the difference and put the ones they had synced back on the system.

slaton242792d ago

tell me about it man sure hate them demo kills hard to get...i did one time on point A on a snow map (with the creek/river down the middle)get a 3 kill demolition kill as 2 were n the building it started collapsing and a 3rd went in as it was fallin

Prototype2792d ago


*continue to build up trophy level*

Quickstrike2792d ago

I'm so happy to hear this. I can now continue to play through Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 w/o worry that it'll be for nothing :D

Dart892792d ago

Yay good news for Sony.

andron2792d ago

Nice. A reset trophy case would suck.

As I mentioned in a different thread, I played some Lost Planet 2 earlier. And strangely enough it downloaded the 1.02 patch, but how is that possible when I'm not logged into PSN?

Now all the LP2 trophies are gone, and they pop up randomly when I'm playing it. Anyone know what is up with that?

I remember something similar happening when the PS3copalyse was happening. Those trophies that were synced came back then, so I hope these will too...

49erguy2792d ago

REALLY? Wow. I wonder if infamous will update it since I just picked it up (now's the time for SP games).

andron2792d ago

I have been playing Fist of The North Star: Ken's Rage for 20 hours, so I felt like blowing stuff up. The patch said it was installing trophies when the game booted up again, so I guess that can explain why are gone.

Maybe the patch servers are separate or this was a freak occasion. Either way I hope it works out when I sync again...

DlocDaBudSmoka2792d ago

yea, i dont understand. i can still download patches, but no psn. i hate to install a patch for splatterhouse.

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