Clive Barker already thinking of Jericho sequel

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Clive Barker's a busy man. When he's not writing scary scripts for movies, books, comics and games, he's thinking of more things to scare the crap out of you. Coming soon is Barker's latest video game creation, Jericho, but believe it or not, he's already planning the game's sequel".

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wil4hire4079d ago

Did anyone even buy this game?

Twizlex4079d ago

Probably not since it hasn't been released yet.

wil4hire4078d ago

This one is no where on my radar. Yours?

Twizlex4078d ago

I played the demo for it and it was kinda neat. Can't say I'd run out and buy it or anything, but it might be worth a rental.

Kouzmich4078d ago

That demo reminded me of one dungeon in Oblivion with guns and thats about it.

pilotpistolpete4078d ago

Good for Clive, but that wasn't my kinda game.

When the demo seems long, you know isn't for you.

However, I do see demand for this genre and it's always nice to see a new IP get some credit.

do dirt mcgirt4078d ago

played the demo and my opinon is that it sucked

mesh14078d ago

HEY give the guy some props he has high ambitious to make money with a crap game but he forgets we will stop him from his money ambitions buy not buying the game it sux.

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