Arkadian Warriors Preview (Xbox 360)

Sierra is once again releasing a new game for Xbox Live Arcade titled Arkadian Warriors. Read the preview to find out how progress is going on this game. Also, for those interested in seeing how the game looks in motion, there is a trailer link in the preview as well for those that would like to see the game in action.

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SuicidalTendencies4077d ago

This game look like a lot of fun. I wonder how much it will cost?

dachiefsman4076d ago

I agree...the 360 really doesn't have any classic style dungeon runners out right now. Hopefully it doesn't cost to much....

Eclipticus4076d ago

i still think they need to release kings quest and space quest on arcade. yeah boy!

wageslave4076d ago

Looks like great dungeon runner in the Gauntlet style. Looks like I'll be getting some more points cards.