Bit-Tech: Battlefield Play4Free Review

It wouldn't be unfair to say that fans of DICE’s Battlefield franchise can’t generally be classified as 'casual gamers.' You would assume that Battlefield fans aren’t a part of the slightly less casual crowd either: the guys who just pick up the new Pro Evo and Call of Duty or whatever big, well established franchise is getting another release. Sure, there might be some crossover – especially with Bad Company’s growing popularity and the building hype for Battlefield 3 - but generally they want a pretty high level of graphical quality and to be playing the new Flavour of the Month. Battlefield Play4Free isn't a casual or less casual game, though.

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Daavpuke2804d ago

Nice trolling review. I hardly felt the omnipresence of micro-transactions. But then again, I rarely complain over it, as P4F and Heroes both offered a full game experience without them, unlike say Magic The Gathering Tactics. I also got to experience different weapon choices through just playing, without paying, though I did play extensively.

The graphical issue is a detail, but to each their own on that part. If you feel it's worth denoting, I can't really disagree that it's worse than a priced product (you get what you pay for).

But despite you hacking into this title so much, I'd still have to pass it a failing grade myself, but rather a 4 or high 4, as it still has some aspects that are fun. But you are correct that it has a load of mind-boggling issues, such as the strange skill tree choices and the interface so bad, it makes me want to slam my face onto a desk.

I enjoyed the cynic perspective of it though.

ATiElite2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

I used to love Bit-Tech but they have completely sold out and become something else, something that doesn't appreciate the PC Gaming culture. They still post great PC hardware mods but other than that they SUCK!
All their reviews and Benchmarks are very bias as of late. BFP4F is a FREE game with low graphics so almost any PC can run it. So what do Bit-tech expect from a free game, Crysis graphics. No Free game looks this good unless it's an MMO. The game play is a mix of BC2 and BF2 with some minor adjustments to maintain fast action.

I've been playing BFP4F since day 1 closed Beta and it has gotten better every 3 days. I have spent ZERO dollars on the game but I'm just as competitive as anyone who has spent $40. This is the best FREE online shooter on the Internet PERIOD and it will only get better after the open Beta ends and I'll be happy to spend $20 on upgrades.

Their review sucks ass and they probably only played it for 5 minutes on day 1 when the game actually had some issues that were all fixed within a few days. The game is still in Beta with many more features to be added so i give the game a Beta score of 8/10 but remember this is a Beta score and it easily beats any other Free shooter on the net.