Arcade Edition ends Street Fighter IV

Eurogamer: "The Street Fighter IV series ends with this June's launch of the Arcade Edition, Capcom has confirmed."

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Dan502803d ago

Hehe Street Fighter you always release 1000 versions with minor upgrades. I remember the SNES version having 2 or 3 versions within a few months or a year.

RaSSS2803d ago

I think i will wait for the Turbo Edition...


N4Gsukballs2803d ago

doubt that. we will get SSF4 Turbo Remix Hyper HD For the ps7 in 2020.

N4Gsukballs2803d ago

This is why the fighting franchise died in the 90's they need to chill.

Optical_Matrix2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

The first 3 comments here...comments like these are said so much that I'm actually pretty bored with them. It's no where near as bad as fools seem to say. that why the fighting game scene is more alive than it ever was thanks to Street Fighter IV's release in 2008-2009? Why it sold close to 4 million? Oh please.

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