Xbox 360 Failure Rate Down 38.6%, and Xbox Slim lasts longer

No Fuss Reviews have just released the results for their 2011 console failure rate survey. The statistics are very surprising showing the Xbox 360 failure rate has gone down a staggering 38.6% and that the Xbox 360 Slim model is more reliable than the PS3 Slim model.

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Apolloeye2775d ago

Thats still a big number for the Xbox 360 failure rate though, above 10% is not good for anything electronic...

EYEamNUMBER12775d ago

its actually not all that bad considering its really only the old models that are really crapping out

according to this the slim/small or whatever its called is pretty normal

i have one of the older models i don't know how to tell which though still hasn't crapped out on me though

RedDragan2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Well lets be honest, electronic devices are considered in line with normal failure rates of 2%.

iPod, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, iPhone, HTC Desire all fail this normal failure rate for electronics.

It is becoming more common not in only consoles but across the wider spectrum of electronic devices. It something that the electronic industry needs to tackle and I suspect the problem is China.

Remember the days when a TV lasted 30 years? Made in the West, the good old days.

Tarasque2775d ago

No the cause of it is the electronics are doing more and more. You are comparing a 30 year old TV to a 50-60 LCD that renders at phenom resolutions. Anytime you push boundries they are potentially more problems that can occur.

snaz272775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

nah dude don't blame china, i've said this before but i'll say it again, the problem with tech is money! They have to save money, so they use inferior materials, besides if they made your tv to last 30 years they would lose out on your repeat custom! Why would they do that when they can make a cheap piece of shit that brakes then you gotta give em more money! All they gotta do is make it last a year then if it brakes no warranty! You really think china can't make good electronics? They can but they,re just not commissioned to! The thing is though we all blindly go out and buy this crap, so it continues... To be honest i really can't believe ms got away with the rrod fiasco! Just goes to show how moronic people are. Edit... So you're saying that the whole of the chinese race just has some inherent inability to create electronic devices? Come off it man, they're human you know lol... They will make whatever you tell them too, but anyway say what your saying is true, why wouldn't companies commission someone else to make their things? Cos china are cheap and they want to save money! See it's all about the money! They don't care if it breaks after a year! Simple.

starchild2775d ago

So the current 360 is more reliable than the current PS3....interesting.

jeseth2775d ago

Good to see that the design has improved reliability.

RedDragan2775d ago

Nah, it is poor build quality from China people. Look at the PS3, its major problem is that the heatsink paste was not applied properly.

Inflation means that TVs were more expensive to build compared to sale value due to a smaller market target so that is not the excuse.

The problem really is China and the companies really need to sort it out. There is no point saying it is technology, just because they have more features should not mean they will fail quicker. That is a lazy way out of it.

gaffyh2775d ago

Good news for early Xbox 360 adopters...or not. Doesn't make one bit of difference to me seen as I have the old 360 and it has already RRODed on me TWICE! So it's a 200% failure rate for me.

NewZealander2775d ago

yeah ive got two of the original consoles, one was a launch model, the other is from when they added HDMI, neither has crapped out, pretty lucky considering how high the failure rate was.

i want to get the new slim model, seems that they really sorted the issues out, only thing is i hate the shiny finish on it, but i need to upgrade just for the bigger HDD.

EVILDEAD3602775d ago

LOL @ the validity of this poll...

So lets get it straight..

Random person googles random game..

Clicks on tiny site on the web while looking for said game..

When they clicked on it..a poll pops up about console failure rates..

Of course said person decides to take time out of their day to input their e-mail address and complete the poll about their console that they own..

150,000 of them allegedly owned an Xbox.. 57,000 of those people said their 360 failed..

This poll somehow is supposedly supposed to represent the world..

1. Not one console owner can be verified as an actual owner of the system

2. Look at the site (and both of it's satelite site) and try to keep a straight face and pretend that you would actually give your e-mail address to it..they all look fake..the most hits ANY of those sites will get is when they put out this report..

The funny thing is people will quote these percentages like they actually are real..

But if these are real then from now on..

1. VGChartz is gospel

2. NPD does equal the world

3. The negative User reviews for games that have not been released are by people who actually played the game

4. Fankids would NEVER intentionally lie on a console game poll

5. The Sky fell

Just my take


2Spock2775d ago

Do you think people would keep buying other stuff if it keep failing? Lets say you had 3 or 4 Ipods go out on you in a couple of years would you buy another? What about microwaves? I mean someone would finally say, hey man why do you keep buying the same product when it keeps tearing up on you?

AhnnQuirajj2775d ago

I think all things are designed with a planned obselence, don't know...

Would explain why a £1 shop pair of headphones last for around a week if you are careless with it! :p

kreate2775d ago

its not like chinese cant make good products. but stuff that are made with the wordings..

"made in China" sucks just as much as
"made in USA" (excluding military equipment)

Microsoft, as an american company can make good products, but they wont.

stuff that are made from europe, japan, korea, taiwan. seems to be made pretty good.

this is only my opinion.

i once went to a vietnamese grocery store and they offered a rice cooker for 50 dollar. which was made in china.

but the funny thing is, there was a same exact model of the same rice cooker, but it was made in korea, costed 80 dollar.

so i just bought the 50 dollar made in china and now i expect it will break down in 1-2 years.

SuperM2775d ago

Problem is not the chineese people themselves. Its the government and how the companies are lead. And if you make a tv that only last 1 year your gonna be sure the customer will not buy another TV from you any time soon. Best way to get customers coming back is building quality and offer them something new and better that they can replace their 3-4 year old tv with

snipes1012775d ago

I'll bet money that if this poll said the ps3 slim was more reliable than the 360 slim...there would be zero bitching and a bunch of shit faced gloating. PS3 fanboys make me want to vomit. So do any fanboys really. But really. Wow.

AngryTypingGuy2775d ago

Don't tell me that, my PS3 slim is only 1 day old!

HolyOrangeCows2775d ago

"only the old models that are really crapping out"

"Only"? Yeah, "only" the first 30 million-ish "crap out" at an almost inevitable rate. No biggie. /s
That doesn't do me any favors. Unless my 360 is a transformer that can upgrade itself...

Fine. It's great that the new models are exponentially better. But the majority of 360 owners still have the old models. We shouldn't even be putting them together; the average 360's rate isn't REALLY "down"...the new models are the ones that are down. The old models are still the same.

All I ask is that we stop praising them for the new models. They should have LAUNCHED with something more like that. Finally getting around to releasing something like the new model is not an achievement.

MaxXAttaxX2775d ago

Yes, the latest slim Xbox 360 models are more reliable.

But they still fail more than PS3s and Wiis.

Yeah, let's completely ignore the other 30 million or so Xbox 360 that still had a ridiculously high failure rate.

TKCMuzzer2775d ago

It does seem the site is trying to justify MS lack of respect for consumers early on. I mean look at the failure rate where 2 or more consoles had gone. The 360 was a disgrace but amazingly MS offered a 3 year warranty and all the sheep just went Bah.
I was pretty annoyed when mine broke, especially as it was down to poor design more than bad luck.

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wwm0nkey2775d ago

18.4% fail rating isnt that bad about twice as much as PS3 and the YLOD is very rare.

Aarix2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Disagrees? So the ps3 failure rate isn't rare.

the_best_player2775d ago

I remember when 360 slim got red dot of death on day 2 of release it was on youtube and N4G. I've seen alot of 360s in the shops that have got RROD funny stuff.

guigsy2775d ago

That video was proven to be false cause they were using a old power adapter, effectively forcing the console to brick.

I was in a GAME once when a 360 red ringed though, funnily enough no one acted surprised.

DrHouse2775d ago

Slow ps3 fan news day or what?

I have never seen a Slim fail in my life and the Red dot was cause by old power adapters as well, I read up on it.

dragon822775d ago

Well if you've never seen one fail then they must not ever fail. Good enough proof for me.

Tarasque2775d ago

People can defend it all they want it should never have been that high in the first place. And if the goverment hadnt stepped in and made them do the right thing to extend warranty and such, Ms would have never done nothing with it.

Seferoth752775d ago

LOL nobody stepped in and forced MS to do anything. Thats common knowledge. What is funny is how Sony had to be forced to fixed the PS2 with a class action lawsuit yet all the PS3 owners on this site will defend them to the death.

RememberThe3572775d ago

Microsoft forced itself to fix the RROD problem because they had to spend so much to clean up their mess. It was coasting them more to make a crappy product than to just make a system that worked.

And no one is going to "defend Sony to the death". Stop being so dramatic.

Jezuz2775d ago

but still good news though

lelo2play2775d ago

"Xbox 360 Slim model is more reliable than the PS3 Slim model"

Now that's a surprise...

kneon2775d ago

Where does it show that? Did you not notice the charts use different scales? They are both at about 2%.

TreMillz2775d ago

Ill just say this the only reason MS attempted to fix RROD was because they knew they were going to start selling their consoles to people who wouldnt keep buying the damn thing over and over no matter how much times it broke aka the casual market. Other than that they dont give a damn because the 360 owners still kept buying it no matter how high the failure rate was. Oh and yes please throw in the 3 year warranty excuse as if everyone uses it...

StanSmith2775d ago

I went through 3 60gb ps3 failures before i decided that i'd had enough and then i purchased a Slim PS3. I went through 4 360 failures before i got rid of that crap and got a slim too. All were repaired for free by Microsoft and Sony. Stop trying to use ridiculous fanboyish excuses for why the 360 is ahead of the PS3 in sales. 360 is ahead of PS3 because it had a 1 year head start and is cheaper end of. Parents and casuals are attracted to consoles by price, which probably explains why there are more kids on live than on PSN.

TreMillz2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Really? What were you doing? Playing Basketball with them? And what excuse of being ahead in sales? where did i mention "Thats the only reason why MS is ahead" Everyone already knows theyre ahead because of a year head start reply has been stamped with MAXIMUM FAILURE..

StanSmith2775d ago

Oh look the ps3fanboy response to console failures! I paid £425 for my 60gb on release day but obviously money didn't matter because i chose to abuse my console! Everyone who ever reported PS3 failures must have done the same! By the same logic my Slim is going to fail because i obviously abuse it too /s

Have a look around the Official PS3 Forums and other forums too. Everyone generally regards the 60GB and 40GB PS3s as the ones that are likely to fail. I personally know people who owned these models and all of them had at least one failure. In the UK there's a program where consumers can report issues with products and the show had numerous complaints of failing PS3s just as they did with the 360.

As my experience and reports show, the 360 still has a higher failure rate than the PS3. However, the PS3 failure rate isn't as low as Sony make out it is.

TreMillz2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

what the hell does anything you just said have to do with what i said before? if im a "PS3 fanboy" dont you think id know which versions fails and which doesnt? And no your slim is going to fail because your not taking care of it...or you tried soccer this time around...

Edit: And screaming like a mentally challenged fnboy while calling them names makes you look any better LMFAO wtf kid like you only own a damn Wii or something?

StanSmith2775d ago

Really? Are you that stupid? Read through it again. You just accused me again of...screw it i'm not gonna argue anymore with some mentally challenged childish fanboy!

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Areeb112775d ago

Good job to microsoft! You're finally producing a console which lives up to its optimum lifetime 5 years after its original release date.. oh Well done gentlemen! /s

Istanbull2775d ago

My 2006 model PS3 is still as quiet as in 2006 and it is the most quality and robust machine I ever had.

Seriously, the PS3 is such a quality console, that they built the power brick in the PS3!

SixShotCop2775d ago

The PS3 is a well built machine but damn the fat model is ugly! The PS2 looked much better imo.

Christopher2775d ago

***How was the survey presented?

The survey was presented and conducted by a scripted AIML chat engine.

The survey questions were presented one at a time depending on the previous answer.***

If we only had real data.

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rabidpancakeburglar2775d ago

Well that's good news as I plan on getting an xbox soon and I don't want it RRODing on me

Blacktric2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Just install your games to the HDD before playing (especially if you're going to play for like 6-7 hours) and problem solved. That damned DVD drive is the thing that creates way too much heat and since it's very close to the GPU (which is cooled by a passive heatsink), it obviously starts being a burden to the cooling system.

Redgehammer2775d ago

I know my 360 is reliable due to all the hours that I require of it to be in operation. For example, For the month of FEB I was signed into XBL 267 hours, and that is not unusual. I am totally happy with my 360, I require a great deal from it, and it has never let me down. Installing games, IMO, really helps, especially If you play games as much as I do.

Nodoze2775d ago ShowReplies(1)
the_best_player2775d ago

I wouldn't bother m8 not just because of RROD but also Microsoft don't support exclusive games anymore.

DrHouse2775d ago

The slim does not RROD, it has an ENTIRELY new chip architecture and effectively solves the overheating problem from the other models.

Platinum_k2775d ago Show
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Counter Strike2775d ago

Less than 5% the rest is yet counting the older models...

Holly sh** ARCADE and CORE OMFG almost 50% wtf

memots2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


Really i think this number is much lower than reality. I mean one of my friend alone had 4 of them. Mine never broke down ( 20 gig pro model ) i knock on wood but also note that my 360 did not get much use in the pass 2 years or so.

Tarasque2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Anybody that i have known to continue to play xbox 360 has had no less then 2. I am on my 3rd (bought 2) which i do not play now and use it as a tv stand.

Nelson M2775d ago Show