May's Gamepro reveals first batch of Mortal Kombat DLC characters

While the game is about three weeks away, the may issue of Gamepro magazine reveals that the first batch of DLC characters hitting the game post launch will consist of three characters: Kintaro, Lady in Red and Kenshi. Check out the scan.

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Queefy_B2612d ago

First batch?... DLC...:/

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Persistantthug2611d ago

More rip off DLC.

I'd be more inclined to believe this wasn't a bullsh17 rip off if these were totally new characters in the Mortal Kombat realm....but they are not.

Not buying now.

movements2611d ago

I'll say this again - bring back Rain, bring him back like this:

BoNeSaW232611d ago

Your name and pic are the trolliest ever!
I remove bubbles everytime I see your pic.

Finger-Eater2611d ago

How come YESMAN's comments are always marked as SPAM? Just wondering Ive never seen any of his comments before.

KingDustero2611d ago

Ed has said that character DLC will most likely be FREE. These characters probably wouldn't be finished in time, so NR decided to finish them later and release them for FREE.

There is nothing to worry about here. Ed has made it quite clear that they know how to actually make DLC and not unlock codes.

Sony3602611d ago

"Most likely"? I'll believe it when I see it. I see M$ wanting a free cut of cash and making them charge for it at least.

zeal0us2611d ago

"Lady in Red" is probably another assisant/servant of Kitana if not that that then spy or assassin hired by shao khao.

I can't really see her being from Earth Realm

TheLastGuardian2611d ago

That's a hell of a username there, Queefy_B.

Have you guys seen April's issue of Gamepro? It's my favorite issue ever. Twisted Metal, my most anticipated game is the cover story. There are previews for Uncharted 3, inFAMOUS 2 and Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

thematrix12982611d ago

Kenshi was my second favorite after Kabal. Blind man kicking ass for the win!

xAlmostPro2611d ago

Yeah i love kenshi man, i've been commenting for weeks that i hope they announce kenshi, even if he's DLC :D

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Trixzter72612d ago

Will buy every piece of DLC this game offers.

Warprincess1162612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

well im not since i don't really like kintaro or kenshi but lady in red looks so cool. Im definitely buying her.

Megaton2612d ago

You're part of the problem.

Larry L2612d ago

People seem to be agreeing with you, but I'm not (even though I didn't give you a disagree). There's absolutely nothing wrong with supporting DLC when the developers are actually putting out REAL DLC content, not 100kb unlock codes at rediculous prices for content already on the disc like Capcom always does. Not all developers are ripping people off in that way. And Mortal Kombat will be a game I absolutely buy every piece of DLC for, and do so with a smile on my face.

This isn't MvC3 where they literally locked content out of a game, and give fans basically half of a game for $60, and then pretend they're adding to the game with updates and selling you the other half of the game.

With Mortal Kombat it's plain to see that Team MK put absolutely everything into this game. There is TONS and TONS of content right on the disc. They didn't pull stuff out to milk their loyal fans later. Games have deadlines. Games are completed basically 3 or more months before release. Then months of testing in which you can't really add more content before a game goes gold, you can just fix stuff. WHile testing is going on that's when REAL DLC is being worked on. There's no way to get that stuff in the game before release. Then that stuff has to go through it's own testing.

That's the REAL DLC. And that's the real DLC gamers should support whole-heartedly.....assuming the love the game and want more content. You shouldn't act like Capcon's DLC model is representative of all dev's DLC. Because it's not fair to the real developers that put hard work in for their fans, and it's also mis-informing your fellow gamers.

Megaton2612d ago

How can you say they didn't pull content when they're announcing DLC before the game is even released? Kintaro has been shown in trailers/previews already as it is. It's clearly a cut job, or at least a partial cut job.

I'm sick and tired of people justifying wallet rape and consumer abuse.

Trixzter72612d ago


1) Kintaro has not been shown in any trailers or previews.

2) This DLC information was leaked not announced therefore this wouldn't have been known until after the game was released.

SixZeroFour2612d ago

@megaton - where is the screen of a playable kintaro? maybe i missed it

ive said this before and ill say it again...although i hate the fact that developers announce planned dlc before the game releases, i do understand why some of them do it, and its mainly cause of the time restraints when releasing a if megaton is right and they have shown kintaro playable before, then i will agree with him/her and say that they would then just be pulling a mvc3 move, however, if he/she is just making things up, then i dont see any reason why ppl shouldnt be supporting this game

BoNeSaW232612d ago

Problem? Supporting your favorite Game Developer by purchasing "Extra" content is a problem now?
Another Low brow comment trolling for agrees is what I read!

Larry L is right(bubbles for the truth bro!) This is not a rip off job by the publisher. There is ALOT of content in mortal kombat games,always has been. But,if you are content with the retail content by all means, DO NOT SUPPORT NetherRealms Studios by purchasing their DLC. Your choice dude!
If you buy this game used and like what your playing and want more, know the DLC goes to the developer NOT Gamestop!

Personally, I'm gonna hold off for the "Game of the Year Edition" so I have a "Complete" Physical copy.

Megaton2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Not sure where I saw him, but I know I did. I remember being excited about it because I've always liked him more than Goro and Motaro. I can guarantee you that I'm the biggest MK fan on this site, so I know the difference between him and Goro. MK was an obsession of mine for years when I was younger.

What I remember seeing wasn't an indicator that he was playable, simply that he was in the game. Not gonna go cycling through every piece of MK media I've watched since it was announced, so feel free to assume I'm lying/wrong. Makes no difference to me. I know what I saw.

Edit - Apparently I'm not alone. Nitrowolf2 a few posts below also swears he saw Kintaro already.

showtimefolks2611d ago

that award goes straight to capcom no doubt about it

mvc3 what happend 10 years in the making yet short on content than all the dlc

Re5 on disk $5 dlc

do i need to say more on disk dlc?

than its COD dlc that sells in millions for map only for 15 bucks

Silly gameAr2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )


Exactly. The krypt will have a crap load of unlockable content like Deadly Alliance and the other PS2/xbox era games. If they're announcing DLC then it will only add to the MK experience and not be a cash grab like other companies thatI won't name.

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LOGICWINS2612d ago

The game already has SOOOO many characters PLUS Kratos. It'll take months or maybe even a full year to master ALL the characters included on the disk. I'm not going to be buying any DLC for quite a while.


Hah..same here. Honestly anything this game puts out I wll gladly pay top dollar for. Al these people over here, mad that they've alredy announced thi dlc...fuck all that shit. This game will be so amzing. I hope they put dlc out every week. I've alwys thought of myself as a ps3 fanboy, but honestly I had no idea what a fanboy is till mk came along.

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Klipz-Wish2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I knew Kenshi had to be apart of the first batch of DLC hoping other later MK characters make the cut as well

Winning2612d ago

Fuck yea Kintaro.

Kintaro > Goro

Nitrowolf22612d ago

for some odd reason i thought Kintaro was in the the game, i swear i saw trailers with him in it to.

plb2612d ago

Just put them in the game ffs

Megaton2612d ago

Sorry, that goes against the greedy grain of this console generation. What was once considered an unlockable in past generations is now locked out on the disc and sold for a series of $5 bills.