Resident Evil Franchise Turns 15 Today

GameDynamo - "For many gamers, it's hard to believe it's already been 15 years since Biohazard hit the gaming scene and almost single-handedly created the survival horror genre. For others, it seems like Resident Evil has always been part of the landscape. From either perspective, it's clear that creator Shinji Mikami and Capcom gave us a masterpiece when Biohazard released on March 22, 1996..."

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2821d ago
anthem2821d ago

Now that your 15 you get back to your roots stop being all different and listen to the ones who love you ok so have a happy birthday and I will see you later this year or next ok love you bye

SynysteR2821d ago

Seems like yesterday I was playing Resident Evil on the PS1, Love this franchise dearly, Although I was disappointed with Resident Evil 5 I just hope 6 can somewhat bring back some of that classic Survival Horror to the game.

gaden_malak2821d ago

Yeah I remember playing RE1 like it was yesterday. That damn dog...

cochise3132821d ago

I love this series I just hope capcom can get it back to it's glory days. RE5 wasn't that good.

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