How Crytek doomed Crysis 2′s PC version

DasReviews writes: "Today is the big day for Crytek, as Crysis 2 is being released. PC gamers around the world have been waiting patiently for this moment but there is something just not right. Forget the beta and the demo that had major ‘consolified’ features. Let’s concentrate on the final PC version that is released and see how Crytek have literally doomed the PC version of Crysis 2..."

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Jacobite2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Dam you Crytec dam you to HELL, misses bought this on Steam for me this Friday and you have gimped it for the consoles, so it going to look worse than Crysis Warhead thank you very much nice end to crap day at work and now my cup of tea is cold as well,did I say dam you, well DAM YOU TO HELL AGAIN......................... ..............................

Jacobite2821d ago

If you had the day I had you would be a drama queen as well lol

jriquelme_paraguay2821d ago

im happy... i will play it on my PS3

bluwulf2821d ago ShowReplies(5)
DoomeDx2821d ago

¨To add more salt to PC gamers wounds, Crytek didn’t include any modding tools or an editor to the PC version of Crysis 2. This basically means that Crytek is turning their back to their big modding community.¨

Where is this guy talking about? There is a freaking Sandbox Editor which is a level creater + Modding tool in one!

MEsoJD2821d ago

fuck I was hoping to get this on pc, but now I thinking of not getting it at all. -__-

Sano642821d ago

I'm starting to hate Crytec! Crysis 1 was dx10 so why not start out making crysis 2 at least the same thing! why DX9!!!

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FAGOL2821d ago

It's unfortunate for the PC gamers but I don't think Crytek had any other option. They had to go multi plat because well making Crysis is probably a very expensive project. Developing for 3 different platforms makes it even harder. They might of made a worse off PC version but in the end you have to remember there probably wouldn't be a Crysis 2 in the 1st place.

wallis2821d ago

Bethesda is just one example of a developer who puts out multiplatform games without damaging the PC version. Crytek showed a clear and marked intention to refine the game to appeal to a wider audience. This wouldn't be a problem for something like Stalker or Metro2033 that were rough gems that needed a little polish but Crysis was a pretty solid game and the sequel should have played on its strengths, not refined them.

It seems extremely counter intuitive, in my opinion, to take options away from the players. Whether it's through reducing the scale of 'action bubbles' or removing all the advanced graphical options. It seems, however, that crysis as a series will become a victim of its own success. Console gamers will never know what they're missing out on and when they realize the game isn't the glorious second coming of Christ Crytek think it is they'll have already handed over cash and we'll be looking at Crysis 3, Crysis: the beginning, Crysis PSP, iCrysis, Crysis 3DS and Crysis - the tale of Nomad.

MegaMohsi2821d ago

Don't forget Bioware, all of their PC versions have multiple graphics options and in DA2 they released a high resolution texture patch, they obviously have not forgotten about their PC roots.

bozebo2821d ago

Bioware??! tried playing mass effect?

tmoss7262821d ago

@bozebo Mass Effect 1 on PC was ported by Demiurge Studios, not Bioware.

FAGOL2821d ago

One important fact to consider is that EA is the publisher. They have a heavy influence on what Crytek do. It's either listen to EA or find another publisher (which is unlikely because they are probably in some sort of contractual agreement). So in the end like many other developers Crytek have fallen into the hands of a big publisher, which values money over quality.

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Raf1k12821d ago

Didn't they design CryEngine 3 to make it easy to develop on all 3 platforms? One of it's big features is that you can develop a game for all 3 platforms at once.

undercovrr2820d ago

Of course they had an option...allow modding tools for the PC version, make the PC version superior like Bf3 is doing. There are always options, they just don't care enough about their PC community when compared to their new console community. Shame on them

FAGOL2820d ago

You actually think that? If they preferred the console community then they would of been multi plat in the 1st place right? I think it's hard to please all fans. I could be wrong and Crytek might just have abandoned the PC gamers but it just seems odd that a company that had a huge fanbase due to their first success, is now abandoning them.

MegaMohsi2821d ago

Excerpt from PC Gamer review:

"This game may look and play best on PC, but the cross-platform development has definitely had an impact. Specifically, it’s disappointing to see that Crysis 2 makes some absolutely baffling technical omissions. The graphics settings menu offers just four areas to adjust: resolution, v-sync, HUD bobbing, and one of three pre-defined quality settings. Why can’t I pick what level of anti-aliasing or shadow quality I want in PC gaming’s most beautiful game? Quick-saving, too, is replaced by checkpoint autosaves; a developer console was also nowhere to be found."

all I have to say is F YOU CRYTEK.

flokojxxx2821d ago

big disappointment for pc gamers
maybe wee see dx11 but just maybe

Jacobite2821d ago

I have no problem Crytec doing consoles as that were the money is, even my son getting the Xbox 360 version, but the end of the day their job is to do the best version for each platform. They promised so much, these guys are Graphic Kings on the PC, its the PC gamers that made them what they are. I would have not bothered if the PC version was 6 - 12 months later with DX11 from the start but this feels a betrayal, no doubt I'll get over it but after reading reports on the internet Im on a downer least till MotorStorm Apoc comes out : )

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