Analysts:16.5m PS3 unit sales by March 2008

In the Hexagon, Sony ran out 200.000 machines and aims at the bar of the 500.000 for the end of the year. The fall of the price should strongly help there, the 600 euros requested up to that point from the players appearing increasingly crippling.

"After a very strong starting, the curve of the sales very clearly inflected, and the price, as the lack of titles of exclusiveness, played a part determining in this inflecting", analyzes another editor. With this more reasonable price, Sony envisages to run out in the world 16,5 million consoles at at the end of March, against 5,5 million currently

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Maddens Raiders4086d ago

of console war lore when this happens.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

PimpHandHappy4086d ago

with a price drop and games like MGS and GT prolouge helping sell the system. Along with being the true 1080p machine with blueray and at a price that ppl can handle i can see it making that number.

it would be something thou!

IMO 12-13 is more reachable but i've been wrong b4

nasim4086d ago

EU would completely fall to ps3 domination at taht price.

remember even at 2x the price point in EU ps3 beats x360 3:1 .

can you even imagine what a 399 EU ps3 or a 299 pound ps3 would do.

EU is also SONYLAND where PSP is the no1 selling gaming product.

In NA too PS3 gets back to no1 with the price cut

dragunrising4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

16.5 million PS3's by the end of March 2008 is more than ridiculous. Aiphanes calculated the number sold per month at 1.6 million...good math, poor logic if anyone believes that is possible. I plan on purchasing a PS3 at the rumored $400 price mark, and I assume millions of others will as well. However, think about how much the PS3 sold (shipped?)to date: 5.5 million worldwide. Number they would have to sell in only 6 months: 10 million. Never mind that there is other competition and not everyone loves MGS4, Final Fantasy, Home, etc. I am excited for games like Haze, Folklore and Uncharted...otherwise, what games that are not multi-platform are going to move 10 million consoles? The Wii, 360 and PS3 combined might sell 10 million combined.

Edit: Apparently there are many people that believe the PS3 can sell 3 times the number of consoles in half the time. I never said that I didn't support the PS3; in a couple months I will own one. The one thing gamers should never want is a monopoly like the PS2 enjoyed. The more competition, the more fun and better games will become.

SlappyMcTaint4086d ago

Not only that, but a machine that actually WORKS and is reliable.

Omegasyde4086d ago

As far as fanboys go, I know every fanboy deep down in their heart doesn't want the console competition to go away. The smart ones know that games in general compete against each other and every game tries to raise the bar to a new level against its predecessors and similar games.

Take Goldeneye, Halo1 beat it (fun factor), then came time splitters, etc.

I love competition because it brings innovation ("newness") which brings smiles to the gamers that are shocked by this new bad-ass idea.

If it was just <insert console A>, there would be no <exclusive game> from <Console B>.

i.e. PSeye, Xbox live, Motion sense controller

Omegasyde4086d ago

+ Sounds like Sony is really putting all the money on table and betting on "Home" to push consoles.

Either that or they have acouple tricks up thier sleaves...
(Final Fantasy VII? Jet Moto, Motor Storm 2)

But most likely they will hype Killzone 2 to the extreme.

Remember Sony makes movies and it would cost them absolutely nothing to put a Killzone 2 commercial in the trailer.

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aiphanes4086d ago

That is 1.6 million units sold world wide per is entirely possible by march 2008 with a world wide $399 PS3...

Boon Tarkas4086d ago

Jesus comes back to earth and says, "Hey to get into heaven you have to buy a PS3!"

It's one thing to be hopeful, ;it's another to be hopelessly naive.

Silver3604086d ago

The wii is selling like it is gold and it took 11 months to hit 10 million at $250. There is no way a $399 PS3 is coming close to 16.5 million. you people don't understand the price is still too high for the casual gamer. And that is where they get all those units sold.

jackfatal4086d ago

shipped not sold in retails!!
sold i think they will be 13M or max 14M by march

QuietMan694086d ago

1.6 million............keep saying it then click your heels and maybe then....

QuietMan694086d ago

1.6 million............keep saying it then click your heels and maybe then....

Blackmoses4085d ago

for some reason I thought I wasn't reading this right. Since everybody has came to the same conclusion about this I have to agree. I like Sony and all and I would like to see them do well only because it would only benifit us as consumers of their product, but 16.5 million PS3's by the end of March 08'.
I mean how many have they sold thus far? Yeah the Wii has done it with a lower price point than both Sony and Microsoft, but come on really....are they really in the same league as either Sony and Microsoft? No!!!!!
All I'm saying is that 16.5 million units by March is a bit reaching. Would be nice but they better have something else up their sleeve other than a price drop.
Does anyone have any idea how units they have sold thus far?

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Douchebaggery4086d ago

that's extremely optimistic but with a worldwide price drop i have no doubt that the PS3 can start selling enough units for people to finally STFU about sales numbers and focus on games

Meus Renaissance4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

And I thought the 11.5million SHIPPED by March 2008 was slightly optimistic. I guess there are curious analysts for both platforms; one announcing the death of PlayStation 3, and now this one predicting Sony to sell 11million consoles in 5 months where they could only sell half that in one year.

What does anyone else think? Is this wishful thinking or can Sony shock the industry?

Sayai jin4086d ago

Your numbers are correct. It will be a interesting holiday season. Theres no doubt that a price drop and some hot AAA titles will help boost sells. What I think people are forgetting is tha their are two other consoles that will counter with their own price drop and hot AAA titles too. This will take sales away from any sytem. If Sony sells 11 million consoles in that time it will be an astonsihing feat, but I think since there are two other consoles on the market the will not reach that number.

TechWiz4086d ago

I'm not saying Sony is going to reach that goal, but $399 for a blu ray player WOW. It's going to be a hot item for christmas. It seems like a lot of people forget that it is a blu ray player as well as a gaming console.