9.0 Pokemon Black/White Review "Anyone familiar with the Pokemon franchise should know well in advance that Black/White is nothing truly new to the series. Players will still capture Pokemon, make them battle, wander the world in search of gym leaders in attempt to be the very best, that no one ever was. If you're looking for a change to the core mechanics, hoping that somehow Pokemon's very traditional RPG elements have been swapped for something new, or are just interested in seeing some sort of massive change hit the series for no particular reason, it may be best to just turn away at this point. Pokemon Black/White isn't about changing the series away from its roots, but rather on improving the original equation."

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mephman2500d ago

Great game, this franchise is still rockin'.

ShawnCollier2500d ago

Really hoping to get the money for this game soon, sounds like GameFreak did a wonderful job on it.

Hardedge2500d ago

Hmm, last Pokemon game I played was Gold. Might just have to pick this up again.