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Microsoft Will Not Ban for Recent Code Exploit

At PAX today Microsoft was asked about the supposed $1.2 million they lost due to the code exploit. Two days ago I received a response from Microsoft stating that their “Policy and Enforcement team is evaluating whether or not certain individuals have violated the Terms of Use for Xbox LIVE”. The audio in the following video makes it sound like they could not find anything in the ToU to rightfully punish those who took advantage of the website. Microsoft puts the fault on themselves. (Microsoft, Xbox 360)

SixZeroFour  +   1636d ago
dang...now i wish i got some msp codes lol
Brash_Attack  +   1636d ago
Agreed. I really tried to stay away from this out of fear of being banned. I would have loaded up on them knowing all would have been fine. I'm not doing anything else that could get me in trouble.
DaCajun  +   1636d ago
Yea but did they say they wouldn't go after them for theft? You never know they might try to take the person who created the code generator to court for damages. They just said no bans this time which I'm sure they will fix that so next time they will drop the ban hammer. Don't you worry they will get their money one way or another out of you.

Everyone of those idiots are blimps on MS radar. You know what is funny they re probably the same idiots that keep buying console after console and getting them banned every time for modding, hacking, cheating, or something else just to have to buy a new console, so in the long run these idiots probably lose more money than they scam from MS.
Wenis  +   1636d ago
Interesting. If you find an exploit in Xbox's system, Microsoft humbly blames it on themselves. If you find an exploit in Sony's system they try to sue you and ruin your financial life forever.
tails13  +   1636d ago
Might contribute to the fact that Microsoft's console is so easy to pirate games for.
SixZeroFour  +   1635d ago
what does the ease of hacking something, have to do with whether or not one can take legal action against?
shooterexpert  +   1636d ago
Emilio_Estevez  +   1636d ago
They're not blaming themselves, they just can't find anything in the TOS that justifies a ban. I think they will find something and ban eventually.
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f789790  +   1636d ago
Exactly. If they ban without quoting something from the TOS, they'll get sued.
sashimi  +   1636d ago
So you are comparing a exploit that maybe gets people a few dollars and cause Microsoft to lose less then a million dollar to exploits that cause piracy?.

Exploits that not only allow cheaters to ruin the online experience for us the gamers, but also cause 3rd party and Sony developers to lose profit on games they spent time and money creating for us gamers(you not included).

Yeah you are o so smart /s If M$ could they would ban everyone who used that exploit in a heartbeat but apparently there is nothing they can do about it.
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Adva  +   1636d ago
Use your brain, if you have any. MS couldn't find anything in their ToS to get rid of the scrubs, Sony did.

Try again kid.
maxcer  +   1635d ago
that's because sony changes the TOS every fucing time you update your FW. not hard changing the rules any time you see fit.
gman_297  +   1636d ago
And you begin to wonder why people keep doing crap to the 360. Cause they can get away w/ that shit, that's why.
8thnightvolley  +   1636d ago
MS is like the new saint of companies.. first welcomes hackers to kinect, and now this.. wow.. ok.. they got a "Halo" on their head now..
K1W1  +   1635d ago
They certainly have mellowed out over the last twelve or so months. I wonder what the reasoning is behind it?
8thnightvolley  +   1635d ago
they wanna be "the big green friendly giant.."

AWWWWWWWWW... and make their brand more appealing like apple or something i dunno
Tombstone   1636d ago | Spam
im-12-years-old  +   1636d ago
N4g, where pirating is bad but stealing codes is okay.

Maybe because it didn't happen to sony.
DaBadGuy  +   1636d ago
Ban them anyway and revise the ToS who gives a shit. Like I said I'm sick of pirates for once I'm not going to shed a tear for MS "screwing" someone over. Justice is justice.

They can sue MS in court then MS could probably countersue for the cost of the points. I don't know if they could I don't know everything about the law but still go for it. MS will win and the pirates who tried to cheat the system will lose.

I'm sick of the double standard too. Piracy on PS3 is punishable by death but piracy on 360 should be lauded. Piracy is not a shade of gray, it's black and white it's either good or bad. FYI, it's bad, in every fashion. Or at least it's bad until it works to satisfy your agendas. I don't get how 360 piracy gains anything for the PS3 crowd but whatever.

I own both consoles and I don't want pirates screwing with either of them nor would I lower myself to stealing games or points or whatever either. If I want it and can afford it, I'll buy it, if not I wait till it goes down and I can afford it.

Just condemn pirates or applaud them.
earbus  +   1636d ago
Chump change.
jeeves86  +   1636d ago
Watch the price of MSP skyrocket.

Stealing is stealing, it's all a matter of who you're stealing from.
LOLOLFFSA  +   1636d ago
Yeah. Every time I saw/heard about these "free points" I stayed away because I did not want to risk my account being banned. Oh well I have had free things from Live. Follow the game dev's and collect free codes they give.

Problem cheaters?
Azurite  +   1635d ago
That's nice of them.
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NotSoSilentBob  +   1635d ago
They will just wait till the next call of duty is about to be released.

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