Capcom's Software Development for Sony to Focus on PS3

Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in a recent interview with Jiji Press (Japan) that the company will place more emphasis from next year on the development of software for Sony PlayStation 3, rather than the more popular PlayStation 2.

Tsujimoto also said Capcom plans to follow the industry trend of multiplatform development and to support both Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, in order to maximize profits.

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squallsoft4091d ago

...that capcom is developiong multiplatform games. that means more money for them, and higher quality titles for all. XD


gunnerforlife4091d ago

more money yes

higher quality no.

DemiseofPandas4091d ago

This should at least debunk the MS buying Capcom rumors.... for now -.-

mighty_douche4091d ago

capcom will never sell out to a company and become exclusive, the only reason companies do this is to recieve a nice load of cash. Capcom dont need M$'s money they have enough of their own, infact if anyone could do with M$ money at the minute its M$ themselves.

SL1M DADDY4091d ago

Now let's hope that they do not fall victim to the typical delays for the PS3 versions while the other versions come out on time. I just can't wait for the devs to fully graps the PS3 hardware. I think at that time we will see them ship game on time. It is good to see them offering up the love for Sony. *thumbs up*

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The story is too old to be commented.