Eidos Partners With Playboy and Fox Interactive Media for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Eidos Interactive, one of
the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software,
today announced a partnership with Playboy, the premier online destination
for men, and Fox Interactive Media to launch a Cyber Search for the ideal
female to accompany the upcoming Eidos video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

Utilizing the strengths and communities of three media giants., Playboy, and -- the Cyber Search will span three major
online targets, from the gaming community and the leading men's lifestyle
and entertainment site to one of the world's largest social networking

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HeartlesskizZ4095d ago

Where is the world going to?
I have that game on reservation long time ago but this is making me think twice =(

THE_JUDGE4095d ago

To look for the ideal female (singular) to accompany the game? Do we get her if we buy the game? If so I'm preordering today. But I would need her first. I'm not a fan of sloopy seconds at all.

Bolts4095d ago

I like boobies as much as the next guy, but this make no sense what so ever to me. Whats next, a free butt plug with every copy of Drake Uncharted?