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IGN: De Niro Talks Uncharted Movie

Director David O. Russell and star Mark Wahlberg haven't been shy about their hopes to include Robert De Niro in their planned film adaptation of the video game Uncharted. But people haven't heard from the screen icon himself on the matter -- until now. (Culture, PS3, Robert De Niro, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)

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Urmomlol  +   1632d ago
I don't get it. Bradly Cooper is SITTING RIGHT THERE. He'd be a billion times better than Mark Whalberg as Drake. Just dye his hair!
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floetry101  +   1632d ago
You are kidding right? Possibly the only actor who is an even bigger douche bag than Wahlberg?
dinkeldinkse  +   1632d ago
Doesn't matter who is the bigger douche.
All actors are really big douchebags.
jack_burt0n  +   1632d ago
scarlett no talent for elena Noooo......
fantasygamer  +   1632d ago
like any other game to movie adaptation this is gonna simply be crapola.
Lamarthedancer  +   1632d ago
The only news relating to the Uncharted film I want to hear are...

David Drops out of Uncharted film
Young Screenplay gamer hired to write Uncharted Film
Nolan North and Emily Rose on board with Uncharted Film

Anything else....don't care :)

Seriously though they say if they get Nolan and Emily theres no "Star power" to promote the film.

They could just make the villians Roman and Navarro played by big stars....I mean come on they could have a film with a top actor, promote the film with him as one of the main cast and he could be killed off in the first 20 minutes.....nobody would care if the film is good enough.

Why don't they just do the same for an uncharted movie.
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Darkfiber  +   1632d ago
You realize that tons of gamers are going to see this movie regardless of who is in it, right? Guess what? SO DO THEY. You are going to pay money to see this movie regardless of whether or not Nolan North or Mark Walhberg is Drake. They already know they are going to make money off this movie based on the name alone from gamers, but they want to make more, hence why they do stupid things like this.

They will never make a movie just like a game because only gamers would watch it or care about it. They know they can make it as "Hollywood blockbuster"ish as possible to attract tons of other idiots to it and STILL retain all the Uncharted game fans. Even if you are just going to go see it out of spite and hate it, you are still giving them money and they know it.
Lamarthedancer  +   1631d ago
Who the hell says I'm going to see it. I wouldn't dare.

I'm sorry, can you predict the future. Maybe you can predict this weeks lottery numbers while your at it.

Their will be a fair share of people who will put their foot down and will not see it.

Oh and they will never make a movie like a game because only gamers would watch it....please tell me whats wrong with Drakes Fortunes plot that is not movie material....or even Resident evil and the mansion inicident. Some stories are good enough for a film that everyone will enjoy.

Maybe you will give them your money, I won't
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crimsonfox  +   1632d ago
i'm going to start breaking windows if i keep on hearing these damn decisions!
nevin1  +   1632d ago
de nero looks like Sully in that pic
bobrea  +   1632d ago
This movie is going to suck. I don't want it to, but it's going to. And I'm a Walberg fan
Jonah_Reese  +   1632d ago
I'm a Wahlberg fan as well and I don't blame him for Max Payne either but he's not right for the role.
bobrea  +   1632d ago
Yea, Max Payne wasn't his fault. It was and always will eb the script's fault.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1632d ago
I thought Uncharted was already a Movie, guess I was wrong.
Whatever it was it was great nonetheless.
tosh61  +   1632d ago
You guys are all idiots. Why would it suck? You've got a good director with good actors. Mark Wahlberg will do good under this director. You've got fucking Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci nothing will go wrong.
DFresh  +   1632d ago
Because it's not following the original story line that made Uncharted popular in the first place from a single player perspective.

We go from Nathan Drake a bad ass explorer with his companions Sully, Elena, and Chloe to a movie that's now about a family of treasure hunters that have no relevance to the series whatsoever.

On top of that live action video game movies just don't do video game movies justice.

If anything I'd rather have a CG like movie much like Resident Evil: Degeneration or FFVII: Advent Children but follow the story of the games with the collaboration of multiple writers from the game studio and hollywood and a mixture of the original voice cast and some famous actors for good measure.

Everything to make this Uncharted movie are in the games.
(Writing, story, setting, environments, objective, purpose, etc. is all there. The only thing Hollywood needs to do is bring that to life.)

Seriously now if these directors can't respect both the fan base and the original source material then they should just cancel this movie right now.

Also just because Robert De Niro and Mark Wahlberg are in the movie doesn't mean they can pull off the roles they are playing.

That's my 2 cents.
floetry101  +   1632d ago
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with your reply entirely. If the Uncharted film was to succeed in any way, it would have to be somewhat divergent from the source. Let's be honest, the story in the Uncharted games are good, but have been reproduced and rehashed thousands of times by Hollywood.

As for the story itself, very, very little is known about it at all. Russell has thrown around ideas and been misquoted numerous times about his plans for the adaptation. The "family" idea wasn't about an actual family, but a tight-knit group, which they are in the game.

With the CG movie idea, I just can't see that being appealing. We already have the great visuals in-game, we also have the gameplay to go with it. It just wouldn't carry the same weight. I mean, if you are a true fan of a game like Final Fantasy VII, you'd dismiss Advent Children as garbage, because it essentially added NOTHING to the universe. The film is a chance to broaden the scope of Drake's existence and perhaps provide a different view. Only this time, an Academy Award nominated director is behind it, one that isn't afraid to make changes.

It will be different, and that's what the fanboys can't grasp. Only instead of a complete misintepretation like Silent Hill, David O. Russell has a fundamental understanding of what makes an adaptation work.
FunAndGun  +   1632d ago
Maybe because history says so...

Super Mario Bros.
Double Dragon
Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Wing Commander
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Resident Evil
House of the Dead
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Alone in the Dark
Silent Hill
DOA: Dead or Alive
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
Resident Evil: Extinction
Far Cry
Max Payne
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
The King of Fighters
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Resident Evil: Afterlife

All video game movies that are not so stellar. Don't get your hopes up. :)
dinkeldinkse  +   1632d ago
BloodRayne is an awesome movie.
Maybe the greatest movie of all time.
squallheart  +   1632d ago
silent hill and spirits within should not be on that list. The only reason people complained about spirits within its because it didnt have summons but overall the story had final fantasy written all over it.
hellzsupernova  +   1631d ago
woah they made a postal movie LOL
Darkfiber  +   1632d ago
Yeah, they are going to be perfect as the two wise-cracking Italians in the first Uncharted game...oh wait.
Jonah_Reese  +   1632d ago
Before I play the video, your kids play Uncharted right Robert? Okay no he didn't say that good; anyway I still have no faith in this movie. @Robsonmonkey Completly agree I mean did they not see how gorgeous Emily Rose is? I Like Scarlett Johansson but Jeez this movie ticks me off. I don't even like O' Russell because he has no sense of history for the source material, there for no respect.
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shadow2797  +   1632d ago
In other news, Richard Mcgonagle, the actor that plays sully, was on Rules of Engagement this week.
dinkeldinkse  +   1632d ago
The movie will probably suck balls.
Bathyj  +   1632d ago
Bobby D: Sure Dave-o, Uncharted? I love the game, I'll be Sully, no problems.
Who'se playing Drake?..... MARKY MARK?

Bull5hifT  +   1632d ago
ray liotta , as Tommy Vercetti, DJ Quik As Carl Johnson, Brad Pitt as Claude Speed, Sasha Baren Cohan as Niko Bellick.... GTA City,,,,,,,,, Throw in Al Pacino, Robert DiNiro, Joe Pesci, and The Game, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre the guys from Menace 2 Society, ' Afro-Itailian War
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earbus  +   1632d ago
dont do it .
starmin76  +   1632d ago
Title of Article should be changed to "De Niro briefly acknowledges existence of Uncharted film"
that's really all it was, haha

but hey, gotta take the small victories.
gypsygib  +   1632d ago
What could any director possibly see in Max Payne that would make them think it was a good idea to hire Mark Wahlberg for another video game movie.

Mark isn't know for being funny, charming and most of all smiling - Nathan Drake isn't an always super serious 40 something year old either.

May as well cast Chris Rock in the role.
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paradiselost93  +   1632d ago
he was actually really good in "the other guys"
gypsygib  +   1632d ago
I think he's great in some roles like in The Departed. But Nathan Drake is very light hearted and has a boyish whimsical nature. Mark is always very serious and kinda looks angry all the time.
hellzsupernova  +   1631d ago
i would watch it if it were Chris Rock lol
NateCole  +   1632d ago
I think the movie is going to be great. Why?

Because our expectations for the movie couldn't get any lower lol!.

I think we might actually get a surprise.

Serious question though. If the move is exactly like the game. Would any of you guys want to watch it?

I think i might actually want to watch a new take of an uncharted inspired movie. I don't want to constantly compare the movie to the game.
saimcheeda  +   1631d ago
I always imagined
Hugh Jackman as Drake for some reason!

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