IGN: De Niro Talks Uncharted Movie

Director David O. Russell and star Mark Wahlberg haven't been shy about their hopes to include Robert De Niro in their planned film adaptation of the video game Uncharted. But people haven't heard from the screen icon himself on the matter -- until now.

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Urmomlol2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I don't get it. Bradly Cooper is SITTING RIGHT THERE. He'd be a billion times better than Mark Whalberg as Drake. Just dye his hair!

floetry1012600d ago

You are kidding right? Possibly the only actor who is an even bigger douche bag than Wahlberg?

dinkeldinkse2600d ago

All actors are really big douchebags.

jack_burt0n2600d ago

scarlett no talent for elena Noooo......

fantasygamer2600d ago

like any other game to movie adaptation this is gonna simply be crapola.

Lamarthedancer2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

The only news relating to the Uncharted film I want to hear are...

David Drops out of Uncharted film
Young Screenplay gamer hired to write Uncharted Film
Nolan North and Emily Rose on board with Uncharted Film

Anything else....don't care :)

Seriously though they say if they get Nolan and Emily theres no "Star power" to promote the film.

They could just make the villians Roman and Navarro played by big stars....I mean come on they could have a film with a top actor, promote the film with him as one of the main cast and he could be killed off in the first 20 minutes.....nobody would care if the film is good enough.

Why don't they just do the same for an uncharted movie.

Darkfiber2600d ago

You realize that tons of gamers are going to see this movie regardless of who is in it, right? Guess what? SO DO THEY. You are going to pay money to see this movie regardless of whether or not Nolan North or Mark Walhberg is Drake. They already know they are going to make money off this movie based on the name alone from gamers, but they want to make more, hence why they do stupid things like this.

They will never make a movie just like a game because only gamers would watch it or care about it. They know they can make it as "Hollywood blockbuster"ish as possible to attract tons of other idiots to it and STILL retain all the Uncharted game fans. Even if you are just going to go see it out of spite and hate it, you are still giving them money and they know it.

Lamarthedancer2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Who the hell says I'm going to see it. I wouldn't dare.

I'm sorry, can you predict the future. Maybe you can predict this weeks lottery numbers while your at it.

Their will be a fair share of people who will put their foot down and will not see it.

Oh and they will never make a movie like a game because only gamers would watch it....please tell me whats wrong with Drakes Fortunes plot that is not movie material....or even Resident evil and the mansion inicident. Some stories are good enough for a film that everyone will enjoy.

Maybe you will give them your money, I won't

crimsonfox2600d ago

i'm going to start breaking windows if i keep on hearing these damn decisions!

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The story is too old to be commented.