Homefront Multiplayer Trailer Released

THQ has released a rather tasty looking trailer for their upcoming shooter Homefront.

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MGRogue20172839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

It's the Next Call of Duty or Battlefield game!

Play this until MW3 or Battlefield 3 comes out..

Army_of_Darkness2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Lame... Hell, I'd probably buy Black ops over this game! I won't even mention the other FPS's out right now cause this isn't even worth comparing...

joydestroy2839d ago

i'm actually interested in how they've changed the MP. i think this will be a sleeper hit tbh and i'm looking forward to it now

cc_star2839d ago

wow - Looks much better than I assumed

ironcreed2839d ago

This game is going to be fun as hell, peeps.

zeksta2839d ago

This looks pretty good, I might get it when it's released.

It's a good choice of game to play until BF3 is released, it'll give you a feel as to what's coming when BF3 is out... but BF3 will have about 10x better graphics.

plb2839d ago

It look like a COD clone tbh

ironcreed2839d ago

Call me when COD has tanks, drones and helicopters with huge maps.

zeddy2839d ago

huge maps suck man, one or two ye maybe but theres too many campers plus i dont like getting sniped from a mile away and be able to do anything about it.

joydestroy2839d ago


uh, huge maps with 32 players in them does not suck. imagine that many people on a small map...would be a cluster fu*k! i do hope theres a few small ones though. would be constant death/ranking lol

MidnytRain2839d ago


Actually, it's easier to camp on small maps because there is a greater chance that an enemy player will walk by. The less places they have to go, the more often they'll visit the same spots. Snipers are meant to be used on large maps. If they're used in games with many small maps, like Modern Warfare 2, you get all the bullcrap that comes with it (i.e. quickscoping).

Bad Company 2 got the sniping perfect. It took a skilled player to drop other players from a distance. If you don't just wander about in the open, you won't have to worry about snipers that often. Using situational awareness and reading the flow of a match is all apart of the game.

claterz2839d ago

Most FPS's are these days, developers want the CoD fans to give em their money!!

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The story is too old to be commented.