Possible releasedate Socom: Confrontation

Dutch website figured out a possible releasedate for Socom: Confrontation, the debut of the successful socom-franchise on the PlayStation 3. The game should be released on november 23rd, because...

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sonarus3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

not another game:). I was there from the begining when ps3 had no games. this yr i got pro evo, rockband, uncharted, haze, unreal tournament(maybe), army of two probably assasins creed, GT5 prologue don't care if i have to pay for the full game later i am a GT NUT. I honestly wish these games could get spread out a little. My pockets are gonna get hit hard. All i need is that update 2.0 and home and am set to go.

SubZero3768d ago

Yeah I would step over my own mother to get to this game... the series broke my online cherry and from that point I compare every 3rd person shooter to it. Unfortunatly I think this site is B.S after that initial trailer there has been zero info on this game which sadly we all know usually means delay : Mabey we will luck out and that announcement on 10/12 may be about this.

Marios0073768d ago

But where does it say where they got that release date from?

ATLRoAcH3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

this may be only the online multiplayer part of soccom downloadable only through PSN.The Full version with campaign may come later probably available on Blu-ray and the PSN.

Source:November 2007 issue of PSM (said the multiplayer part would be downloadable through the PSN in november with the rest to follow)

Nuclearwinter3768d ago

There is no single player campaign in this Socom. It is online only like Warhawk. If you want SP you'll have to wait for zipper to finish Socom 4.

Panthers3768d ago

FINALLY SOME INFO ON THIS GAME! The only game I truly bought the PS3 for and I am finally getting some details.

Now I enjoy Resistance and Rainbow Six, but the only game I am playing right now is Socom 2 and Socom Con looks sic.

Edwin19893768d ago

I'm from holland, but even I don't understand what they say??

they're saying that Confrontations is released on November 23rd BECAUSE SOCOM Tactical Strike is released on that date too...

Maybe I'm dumb, but does that make sense?

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The story is too old to be commented.
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