New Epic Engine Vs PS3 – Screen Comparison

Play Mag: Exactly how ‘next-gen’ does Epic’s new engine look next to the best Sony has to offer on PS3?

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NukaCola2366d ago

Can we get an Xbox 360 comparison too?

And I want this tested up against Crytec 3.

Let us be fair here, comparing PS3 current tech, which looks great, to the top of the line DX11 Unreal PC software? I mean for shame shame... And please turn the brightness of the PS3 shots, they don't look like that in realtime. Why do these sites want to screw with the brightness to prove some point. The PC shots are clearly better looking, why still cheat the competition?

Thrillhouse2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

This comparison is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.

The demo was run in REAL TIME on 580's in 3-way SLI, so there is absolutely no chance the PS3 could do such raw processing.

PLASTICA-MAN2366d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

how the thing moves before talking will ya? Then you can judge ;)!

Edit: At DenyThef*cats: Oh really?
Then I wanna see your face when you will see that the thing will move like an "Unreal" "Engine" with blocky faces and NO PHYSICS! Oh I don't have to see your face since it will be like the engine: faceless + moveless ! ;) !
Keep denying the facts then !

Thrillhouse2366d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

The video version of the demo that was privately shown at GDC will be released sometime this month.


I have no doubt that it'll be silky smooth.

pixelsword2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Like I said before, Epic has the best bullshots in the biz; but the in-game gameplay does not match-up with the shots.

Or, if you disagree, please show me where Gears 1 bullshots match side-by-side to it's in-game graphics. How about UT III? Gears 2? Gears 3?

MmmmThankYouVeryMuch for proving my point by not proving yours.

Thrillhouse2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

I didn't disagree, but there's a difference between a tech demo and bullshots for a game.

This is legit.

sikbeta2365d ago

So, they're comparing the graphics of a 5 YEARS OLD Console with graphics of a New Engine running on a high-end PC, wow, that's totally FAIR lol

King_of _the_Casuals2365d ago

The fact that PS3 is even in the running is a compliment to the brilliance of the PS3 running! =)

starchild2365d ago

I am a big PC fan, but I gotta say that in the last two shots the Uncharted 3 character model looks better than Epic's character model.

badz1492365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

that got to say something about PS3's capabilities. of course it will not win but to be recognized as it is is already an achievement! 5 years old spec vs 3-way SLI GTX580...WOW!

inveni02365d ago

At first, I was like, "This isn't fair..." Then, I looked at the screens. I gotta say, the PS3 holds its own. Of course the PC is going to have an edge in you can't compare them pixel-for-pixel. But screenshot-for-screenshot? PS3 looks damn fine. And though the image of Drake in the last screen is a completely different art style, I think the shaders are better than what we see on the UE face.

pixelsword2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

@ Thrillhouse

I didn't disagree with you either, but remember the UTIII demo with Othello fighting that android? That was a tech demo, too; but when UTIII came out it was weak compared to the PS3 tech demo, even on the pc.

Yep... best bullshotters in the biz.

still waiting for "that" version of UTIII for my PC, myself; seeing that 2005 tech demo whips up on what I've seen on GeOWIII so far.

Dee_912365d ago

damn i forgot how good heavy rain looked

darksied2365d ago

Very true. Let's see a tech demo actually ON the ps3 and the 360 before we pass judgment on this tech. But it does look great.

paintsville2365d ago Show
Pixelated_Army2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

KIllzone 3 looks better!! Awesome! I love how they're comparing PC current tech to 5yr old hardware. The PS3 it's still beast as you can see.

Where's the 360 in this little comparison? Yeah that's intentional. rotfl! Why not compare UR against Cry engine 3, or Frostbite 2?


Awww is someone upset that the PS3 looks damn good compared to the latest and greatest on PC? Give it up yo, the PS3 is hold it it's own.

ngecenk2365d ago

more like an ak47 to a boxing match.

this is a stupid comparison. comparing 3 current strongest gpu to a 4 years old tech is just dumb! how can this kind of article get approved?

HolyOrangeCows2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

LOL! They're pinning the theoretical output of an engine running on a PC that 99% of PC gamers don't have half as powerful of a PC as (Nor will any time soon), against a nearly 5 year old console?

Rich. Reeeeeeal rich, Play Mag.

Kleptic2365d ago

calm down guys...

its just a tech many have stated...and like everyone also stated; Epic is 'epic' at tech demo's...

they did this all the way back in 2005 for UE3...and then Gears came out...while it was NO WHERE near the tech demo, it was also way ahead of anything released yet...They then showed 'improvements' to UE3 throughout this generation with various GDC demo's (they always do this as they are trying to grab partners to use their middleware), of which have yet to actually make it fully into games (i.e. where is the 'meat' physics?...they showed different approaches to sourced lighting that UE3 has never done yet, etc..)...

its a commercial...nothing more...if this is more or less what to expect for UE4...then its very believable, and a fair amount of these processes will make it into next generation games...but no time soon...and not on either current console...

but I don't think anyone is trying to downplay the PS3 capabilities either...those games look great...but they WILL be replaced eventually...this isn't Epic coming out and saying they found some way to make this tech appear on current technology...its just what to expect in their next full licensed engine...

hiredhelp2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

3 way sli. fuck so wait they wanna match this 3 seperate GPU chips to a ps3 gpu. witch wont have as much clock speeds even as the single 580
this is a £320-450 price card x3 cards

hmm eaither somebody has a big hate for the ps3. or there worried they have another console.

thats not a fanboy statement thats someone whos disgusted at these aricles getting threw.

MaxXAttaxX2365d ago

Which reminds me, after looking at the pics... I CAN'T WAIT FOR UNCHARTED 3! :D

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Wardrobe_1012366d ago

The PS3 images are untouched press shots... and it's a PlayStation site hence only PS3 screens

theonlylolking2365d ago

The PS3 still holds up...for now.

Kleptic2365d ago

yeah it does fine all things considered...I actually forgot how impressive heavy rain looks...but its always too bright in screen shots...when the TV is set up properly the game never looks so soft overall...

but people seem to be up in arms as if these games will never get topped visually...they definitely will...

DigitalAnalog2366d ago

Amazing, they had to use benchmarks to the PS3 so they can properly determine how far the graphics on PC has come by.

However, I've got the feeling once the "next-gen" starts, UE4 would get the dead heat again as the worst engine for the next generation. Sooner or later we'd see the likes of Cryengine 4, Frostbite 3.0 utilizing DX12-13 etc etc and the whole cycle of graphics will resume once again.

But in all seriousness, if that was the "standard" for next gen, there should really be no qualms for graphical comparisons. I mean, how far can one go before graphical limits are reached?

-End statement

pixelsword2365d ago

It is interesting that people want to talk-down PS3 graphics all of the time; but whenever a game, or in this case, bullshots comes out with half-decent graphics they want to run and compare it to the PS3's lineup.

Make up your mind flambaiting press, willya?

DigitalAnalog2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

I'm sorry, how am I downplaying PS3 graphics, my statement above should indicate the exact opposite! Unless of course, you took it out of context.


"but whenever a game, or in this case, bullshots comes out with half-decent graphics"

I'm sorry, but from what I've read, they're using "top-of-the-line" hardware to run the new UE4 engine. A "bullshot" would've been an overkill, don't you think?

-End statement

jack_burt0n2365d ago

It really is a massive testament to the power of the ps3, not to mention that the ps3 is pushing MSAA/MLAA, and multipass motion blur before its implemented in any pc engine lol.

And not forgetting crucial things like animation, things like uncharted 2 for body and heavy rain for facial skeletal stuff are cutting edge full stop.

DigitalAnalog2365d ago

"It really is a massive testament to the power of the ps3, not to mention that the ps3 is pushing MSAA/MLAA, and multipass motion blur before its implemented in any pc engine lol. "

Indeed, I would also like to give credit to the first-party and other 3rd party devs (like Insomniac/Sucker Punch/Kojima Productions) for taking the time to learn and push the console for every IP they make. Once the next generation starts, I can assure the PS4 or PSQuad (if they would like to call it that) would be beyond UE4 is capable of.

-End statement

Computersaysno2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

"It really is a massive testament to the power of the ps3, not to mention that the ps3 is pushing MSAA/MLAA, and multipass motion blur before its implemented in any pc engine lol"

Don't kid yourself. PC used multisample anti aliasing years before PS3, and Direct X 10 object based motion blur seen in several PC games since 2007 is more advanced than anything PS3 can, does or will ever do.

Pc leads, console follows. This is a fact of life.

pixelsword2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Actually, Ditigal, I was agreeing with you... unless you're one of those flambaiting press guys. :D

Also, about Epic bullshoting on hardware, yes: because they did it before with the UTIII demo on the PS3.

Kleptic2365d ago're doing what every PC fan does...marginalizing 'rendering' tech to say that PC 'games' always do it first...

and the short answer they don't...The tech is developed on PC's obviously...What he was getting at was that the tech is not always used in a PC game first...

the motion based hit response system in killzone 2...further utilized in killzone NOT used in any PC game...ever...It uses reversing rag-doll physics overlapped with full motion captured give an ultra-realistic system where enemies 'absorb' fire and accurately try to recover balance through motion captured animations...its as dynamic as animation can get at this other game to date has done it...

that is not to say a PC game couldn't do it...I think his argument was simply that there are things in some console games that have not been done on other platforms yet...

and there are plenty more...procedural texturing...calc based texture mapping that can allow texturing to be changed in real time after all ready being loaded on screen...its a subtle effect...but was INTRODUCED to an actual game in Uncharted in 2007 (the biggest example being Drake's pants getting wet dynamically and then drying...not getting wet to a certain cut-off...getting wet exactly to how deep into water drake walks)...

We all know how PC's are the strongest...the issue is that PC developers don't push them nearly as hard as some developers pushed fixed hardware...there are a 1000 reasons for that...any current PC is capable of a hell of a lot more than either console...its just developers don't regularly take advantage of it...

the fact that the best looking PC game (and overall) is from a prime example of that...

Computersaysno2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Unfortunately kleptic you are putting words in my mouth. Where did i say that some techniques are not used in console games first? Nowhere. I merely exploded a few very specific examples that were used, as false. They are false.

Certainly i don't need a lecture to tell me about techniques in console games. Many of these techniques are developed outside of the console realm anyway, and often cannot be attributed solely to console developers.

Finally many of the techniques that are apparently pioneered solely on console are pioneered out of necessity, often down to hardware limitations of the machines themselves.

For example despite intel looking into MLAA and being used on many PS3 games now, the question you have to ask why it is not appearing on more PC titles? The answer is simple- it is better than the QAA option for PS3 but worse than the MSAA/CSAA PC games liberally use for years which PS3 is often incapable of doing due to bandwidth, ROP performance, memory constraints etc. Superior PC hardware thus does not need to use it, PC games do not need it because they do not share console hardware technology contraints.

This can also apply to procedural texturing which exists because of memory constraints on console, disc space, something not shared again with PC hardware.

Hit detection physics and such, again, PC has ridiculously more advanced hardware acceleration available to PC developers in Physx. Mostly effects consoles cannot do and won't do this generation.

PC still leads, console still follows. If people realise that many console techniques not used on PC are not used because PC does not need them thanks to better hardware there might be less arguments. Its a bit boring hearing people bang on about console techniques and throw them about as if they are the state of the art in the industry when most of the time what they are actually pointing out is that these are created to avoid hardware bottlenecks PC does not have.

vulcanproject2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

@ kleptic

I would argue and say metro 2033 is at least as technically accomplished as Crysis, and BF3 looks incredible.

More and more developers have games this year looking to exploit modern Pc hardware because of the wide gap that now exists between it and the consoles. There are 7 or 8 high profile games out inside the next couple months alone that will have DX11 support. Lets not forget we are in a topic which sees the most popular multi platform engine being shown with DX11 support. Theres a bunch of other game engines now also incorporating DX11 support. Multiplatform ones which is good news.

Microsoft have reaffirmed their stance to increase Pc support after many barren years on format too. I think that the format has grown in attractiveness to several dev