Blizzard Bans More Starcraft 2 Cheaters

It appears that Blizzard is still fighting the good fight and trying to remove as many hackiers and cheaters from their games as possible. Recently, they have issued more bans to Starcraft II users who have been caught with illegal programs while playing.

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Bullshido2765d ago

"Blizzard usually doesn't ban one cheater at a time. Instead, they wait for the number of reported players to build up and then they take action like to this one."

This is silly IMHO, if you report hacker you expect to see proper action against them immediately, because they will continue to cheat.

Sty2763d ago

This one time a dude call'd me cheater, and he told me he reported me lol!! I don't use cheats, i'm a scrub at the game! Good job Blizzard!! I hate cheaters!!