Before they were murdering you with demons...

What was game developer Atlus up to before Demon's Souls?

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puffkix2579d ago

Never played Kartia but I am a HUGE fan of Atlus and am going to find this now

doa7662578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Demon's Souls was NOT developed by Atlus, that was just the American distributor

Demon's Souls was developed by From Software, creators of the Kings Field series and Ninja Blade

Eromu2578d ago

Article fails because Atlus did not make Demon's Souls...

Chimerhazzard2578d ago

No, it doesn't say different. Eromu is right, Atlus did NOT make Demon's Souls, they only published it on the USA.

Demon's Souls was made by From Software, published by Sony in Japan, Atlus in the USA and Namco-Bandai in Europe.

You should check your sources before using them lol...

Chubear2578d ago

"Demon's Souls was made by From Software..." AND Sony JPN

nilamo2578d ago

I thought from software made the game?

brockst4r2578d ago

Sorry, all. None of the sources I looked at differentiated between makers and publishers, and the Demon's Souls site shows the Atlus logo first, so I screwed the pooch :) The article's been updated to reflect correct info.

Thanks for setting me straight!

JimmyJames702578d ago

Bubbles to you for fixing the article.

Godmars2902578d ago

I know there was a first person PS1 title that Demon's Souls had to have based on. Fromsoft made it but I'm not looking it up.

VonAlbrecht2578d ago

Kings Field. I highly recommend it if you liked the desolate chilling atmosphere of DS. it also will give you a decent idea of what the next game will be like, as it is going to use the same open world concept.

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