Is Killzone 2 Stopping Stat Tracking?

TSA Writes:
With the release of the third game so imminent, there will be some people trying to tidy up their achievements with Killzone 2 and perhaps gather those last few trophies they needed for the platinum.Unfortunately, we’re hearing reports that this is proving to be more difficult than expected.

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M-Easy2863d ago

Seriously doubt it. You could still play Resistance FoM so why would they shut down a game that's only 2 years old? Sony isn't EA.

deafwing2863d ago

two different companies, different servers, different goals and mentality towards long term support for online play.

but yea, I think it would hurt the producers of series more to not give fans a little more play before release of the new game ...

at the same time it is not un-common for a game company who provides servers for MP to shut them down after a while

Kalowest2863d ago

WTF, i only need 2 more online trophies till i platinum this game.

andron2863d ago

Doubt it. Played KZ2 yesterday and it worked fine...

Captain Tuttle2863d ago

Why would a big budget 1st party title do something like this?

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