Top 10 XBox 360 Shooters

360 Magazine - Shooters that hit the mark

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Kran2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Top 10 Xbox 360/Multiplatform Shooters - That should be the title.

Pandamobile2290d ago

I'm pretty sure they're talking about games that are on the 360, not just limited to exclusives.

Kran2290d ago

I know but im just saying what many N4G users will be saying.

awiseman2290d ago

This isnt a very good article. But good list nonetheless and dont bring your crap in here about its "multiplat games" I did not hear anyone complaining when they did the list on ps3 and put multiplats in it...

theonlylolking2289d ago

The tags should be xbox 360 and PC.

Kakihara2289d ago

I owned the Orange box on 360 a while back but recently rebought it for PS3 last week just as something to tide me over until LBP2 came out and... damn... what a game Half life 2 is, I'd forgotten just what an awesome and engrossing experience it was. Truly one of the best franchises of all time.

Cajun Chicken2289d ago

Prey is severely missing from this list.

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