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Submitted by samoon 1776d ago | rumor

Starhawk Beta Underway?

A video posted by IronStar’s Treezy on his Youtube, shows what possibly could be the Starhawk beta... (PS3, Starhawk, Warhawk)

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Raendom  +   1776d ago
Oh boy, hope so.
captain-obvious  +   1776d ago
hope so
and i hope i get in it
HolyOrangeCows  +   1776d ago
"Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy JOOOOOOY.
You don't look very happy. I'll teach you to be happy. I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!"

I hope it's real, but we've seen a couple of these supposed betas that could very well just be hacked PS3s.
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Pacman321  +   1776d ago
Na im calling BS.
Its just like that MW3 post, probably someone with a hacked ps3.
Spydiggity  +   1776d ago
real or fake, the guy doin this video is a complete retard. gameolosophy is one site i'll never be visiting.

"ducks they are yellow."
is this what comedy has come to? stating the obvious in a stupid voice? lame
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Serjikal_Strike  +   1776d ago
this is the dumbest video ever
samoon  +   1776d ago
Warhawk to this day, still is more fun than half of the multiplayer games out there.

It never gets boring, especially with friends over.
Spydiggity  +   1776d ago
it's like an arcade version of bad company 2.

warhawk was fun at the time...think i'd rather play BC2 at this point though.
vickers500  +   1776d ago
I'd take Warhawk/Starhawk over another Bad Company game any day.

In terms of fun factor, Warhawk destroys Bad Company 2.
shoddy  +   1776d ago
love warhawk. 20 minute ctf games seem like 10 minutes.
action never stop.
King_many_layers  +   1776d ago
@spy' :: Warhawk and Battlefield are very VERY different
Spydiggity  +   1776d ago
yeah, arcade style games usually are very different. like madden and blitz, for example.

i never said they were the same.

also, i understand that since one is a ps3 exclusive and the other isn't, there will be a lot of immature ppl that will take offense (for no reason) to my statement.
ForzaGT  +   1776d ago
oh lord, I am this is true
samoon  +   1776d ago
Imagine ZERO gravity starship fights loooooool.

Like in star wars.
FrankMcSpank  +   1776d ago

this makes me want another Star Wars Rogue flight game now that you have mentioned it.

How dare you wake me want things!
redDevil87  +   1776d ago
Imagine blown-up starhakws floating around space that build up throughout the match 0_0
Op24  +   1776d ago
Prolly another Jailbreak hack thing
AKA  +   1776d ago
true, '' i have prove'' bs, loser
Godmars290  +   1776d ago
Pew-pew indeed...
Livin_in_a_box  +   1776d ago
Somebody's changed a game's PARAM.SFO IMHO.

(For those who are unaware, PARAM.SFO is a file in a PS3's game ISO which includes the information to tell the PS3 and broadcast what game is being played on PSN. This is where the Modern Warfare 3: Alpha Testing thing has come from, etc.. This is all possible due to the recent PS3 hacks that you've probably heard about.)
DEADEND  +   1776d ago
I hope this is real if so then that means that we are all one step to getting our hands on this game.
Kon  +   1776d ago
It only does: Game name hack
GoldPS3  +   1776d ago
Sony E3 2011 will be interesting.
s0ph1atr0n  +   1776d ago
Means nothing. I'll believe screens from the game.
telekineticmantis  +   1776d ago
Don't get my hopes up. If this is fake, and add to the that Last Guardian is not coming out this year, I'll be upset.
jocomat9  +   1776d ago
I also have a bud who's friend is apparently testing the beta out, hes sending me a pic today. I am skeptic of CFW's but well see.
marioPSUC  +   1776d ago
I doubt it. Like the guy in the youtube comments said. It could easily be someone that hacked their PS3 and just made it say he was playing that.

Though Im hoping for an announcement of Starhawk, or w/e they are making at E3, or sooner.
theballa113092  +   1776d ago
Ahhh yeah its probably the same thing that they're doing with the MW3 Alpha Tezting. :(. I really want them to confirm this game already! Warhawk one of the best games ever.
blackburn5  +   1776d ago
If this is true, Sony is getting ridiculous now. I can barely keep up with all the exclusives, third party games, PSN games and Move games coming out and now they might give us Starhawk? I think I will be playing all these games well into the end of next year.
THC CELL  +   1776d ago
what a prat he is haha but still warhawk is awesome so will starhawk
TheTruth89  +   1776d ago
i call it fake.

with the recent PS3 hacks, everyone can change the name of a game!
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1776d ago
peeps  +   1776d ago
with all the hacks out atm changing a game names probably quite easy
jocomat9  +   1776d ago
Yep, its most likely fake, I asked my bud and his bud also has an orange profile card, im guessing its the same guy in the vid thus im doutbing this most likely a CFW fake.................8(
theonlylolking  +   1776d ago
OH SNAP! I hope this game is a huge improvement over warhawk which is a good game but could have been better.
vickers500  +   1776d ago
Imagine Warhawk with a custom map creator.

Masterchef2007  +   1776d ago
thought he was gonna show some ingame pics. I am gonna have to call fake on this video.
KOOLWIIP  +   1776d ago
@masterchef2007 i agree,if this was true they could of easily just pan the camera down to take a pic of the game..
Fel08  +   1776d ago
bring it on
Calahad  +   1776d ago
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Warhawk. Heck, I have a server up RIGHT NOW.

samoon  +   1776d ago
Look_Behind  +   1776d ago
Im calling fake, I changed my MultiManager's name to say that I was playing "Ryans Mother", so my friends would have seen it too. All you have to do is edit the PARAM.SFO file to say whatever you want.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1776d ago
Please be fake...
please be true :)
calling it 'fake' now does not change the fact that W2 is coming
So they were off by 2 weeks,Ryans mother closed the blinds years ago.
No big deal.

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