8 Sequels That Won’t Get Released in 2011

GB: "So, you want to slice and dice the Patriots and insane looking mechs? Not Happening. You want to bring the world at peace by defeating those mean looking aliens? Not happening. And you also want to run and jump like crazy over sky scrapers? Not happening in 2011.
Today we take a look at eight such anticipated sequels which unfortunately will not be released in 2011."

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cyborg2897d ago

I hope all of them gets released!!!

WildArmed2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Yeah, some of them really look like they aren't going to happen (atleast not this year or the next).
But I do hope all these games get to see the light of day.
Esp. splinter cell and RE6..

Btw, what happened to Max Payne 3?
It was 'supposedly' supposed to be released last fall.

kancerkid2897d ago

ME3 and Rising will likely be released, most of the rest have not even been announced.

WildArmed2897d ago

Right exactly.
half of the games aren't even announced.
ME3 n Rising are the only two that were announced.
Pretty sure ME3 will make it, and i don't think we even have a release date for Rising, so it's still up in the air

Kingmitch232897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

@Skv007 didn't mean to disagree

sorry.....(bubbled tho)

Karooo2897d ago

Me3 is probably 2011.

jakethesnake2897d ago

Replace it with Diablo 3 which likely (and very very sadly) won't be released in 2011.

Jayfatyboombaty2897d ago

I would say Rising is going to be, AW just wont get a sequel but DLC.

crystalnova20042897d ago

Damn shame that we'll have to wait for these. You also missed of Beyond Good and Evil 2 which was initially planned for early 2011, but has since been delayed for an undisclosed amount of time :(

gameseveryday2897d ago

Well Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the second Duke Nukem Forever of our times.

Hold on, it may get announced one day eventually..*face palm***

Christopher2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

1. ME3 will be out this year. Absolutely no doubts on that.

2. Most of the games listed haven't even been announced or teased in the first place, so don't see the point of making a list with them in the first place.

Convas2897d ago

Exactly. This list is reaching a bit. You can't put a date on a game that hasn't been officially announced. This is a rule of Video Game Entertainment reporting.

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The story is too old to be commented.