Rumor: Super Mario Galaxy hits 400,000 pre-orders writes:
"One of our readers has been hunting down information on this, as have I. I actually ran out to an EB Games this morning to check it out. Reader Andre had heard from a GameStop employee that Super Mario Galaxy had hit 400,000 preorders via GameStop/EB in the US. He has gone through a few more employees, and keeps getting the same answer. I have now asked two employees about the preorder totals, without offering up the 400,000 number. Both employees gave me the same 400,000 response. It's not an official number by any means, but let's hope it is at least indicative of the excitement level for the game."

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Odion3815d ago

ya just like Halo 3 had 4 million pre orders, look the fact is that EBgames/Gamestop don't have access to preorder numbers. Not to mention 60% of games are sold at Walmart making a EB only pre order number of that size impossible

razer3815d ago

Every since I fell for the 4mil preorder for Halo 3 nonsense I will not trust the numbers rattled off by these EB employees.

stunt2133815d ago

can't wait for mario galaxy

Farsendor13815d ago

never believed halo 3 hit 4 mill pre but know it will sell out in stores. thats the biggest game coming out this year.

socomnick3815d ago

Its looking to be the biggest game ever lol. I cant watch tv without the ads lol.

Imalwaysright3815d ago

whatever i will never buy this game or tha wii

Rooftrellen3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I'm sorry.

Your loss, though.

1337PJ3815d ago

What is the point of commenting then? Your a waste of oxygen, please go die :)

3815d ago
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